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1. Gameplay

  • In the open world of Foliseum, players will drive vehicles to explore and collect materials, using the terrain, elements, and parts to reach unexplored areas, flying to mountaintops with magnetic or explosive effects, or equipping underwater breathing systems to dive into the deep sea. Enjoy the peaceful and magnificent scenery and enjoy the abundant natural resources. Protect food and raw materials in vehicles during the journey, buy blueprints to make unexpected weapon accessories and sell them on the market to obtain enough funds to start the next adventure, or venture out for curiosity and the most precious treasure, equipped with mining licenses to enter no man’s land.
  • Players who enjoy team battles and Roguelike can team up with friends to enjoy exciting fast-paced gunfights in a surreal alien space, using teamwork and resource management to deal with unpredictable environments and unknown monsters. They need to enter the dungeon multiple times to fully familiarize themselves with the environment and complete the occupation. As time goes by, more powerful creatures will be summoned, and players must use detectors to constantly search for and equip better accessories to compete with them. Perhaps using a long-range laser gun one second and a samurai sword for close combat the next. Players may encounter interstellar merchants in the depths of alien space and buy precious alien civilization blueprints with gold coins, and share the loot with friends and sell it on the market.
  • Warlike players will choose to enter PvP tournaments to polish a powerful vehicle structure and ultimately become bounty hunters invading other players’ spaces. This process requires improving the proficiency of the vehicle in the bidding competition, constantly obtaining and cleaning vehicle slots and clothing buffs, repeatedly purchasing and trying accessories until the strongest combination is found. Only when the structure is strong enough can they become bounty hunters, crossing time and space to chase players who are mining without a license or entering no man’s land. In the face of a desperate situation, the over-frequency energy core can complete a critical strike, smashing their full-load vehicles, and finally receive the symbol of glory at the Interstellar Prosecutor’s Office.