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2. Game Progress

Personal Progress

Eg1. In an open world game, players need to continuously enhance their exploration/collection/transportation/balancing abilities for vehicles, be familiar with elemental chemical reactions, plan routes and use materials most efficiently, and sell well-made parts/food to buy more blueprints.

Eg2. In a PvE game, players need to have enough accessory slots, earn silver coins by killing monsters in the game to buy and try out more weapons and props (gameplay is limited to within the game); when encountering merchants, they can use gold coins to buy food to replenish their health or buy blueprints to bring out of the game.

Eg3. In a PvP game, players can construct their own vehicles + slots + accessories based on their specialization (such as attack/assistance/survival), usually need to repeatedly hone their vehicle slots and clothing buffs in bidding contests, and try out various accessories before finding the most suitable build. Once the build is strong enough, become a bounty hunter to receive official rewards.

Map Progress

Eg1. In the open world, players can roam all unlocked areas, and even use chemical reactions and mobile components to obtain rare materials in the high sky or deep sea. PVE players can encounter new terrains and species in the new map, and can try out new components of the map in advance in the game and may obtain its blueprints. The no man’s land in the map is protected by bounty hunters, and mining or hunting creatures in it may be invaded by bounty hunters regardless of whether they are licensed.

Eg2. After completing the bounty hunter PvP mission, there is a chance to obtain new map fragments at the interstellar prosecutor’s office. This is the only way to obtain and enter the new map, which can be kept or sold.

Eg3. When the new map is first released, the quantity and types of materials are extremely rich, while the output of resources in the old map gradually decreases. Players need to sacrifice part of their life value in the old map progress to enter the new map, and after the new map progress is opened, they will not be able to return to the old map.

World Progress

Eg1. Some maps will be permanently banned, some natural environment rules and elemental reactions will be changed, and the durability and accessory abilities affected by the environment will be weakened or enhanced. Players may need to rebuild vehicles and clothing.

Eg2. The NPC or the joined faction forces that players made friends with in the previous map may change (for example, in EVE Online, the official will design NPC factions to invade during peace time, such as Drifters fleet and the three godly descendants), and situations such as old and new forces confrontation/multi-force melee/new force threats may appear.

Eg3. The choices made by players in the plot tasks may push the world process to develop in different directions, and the interaction frequency of critical resources such as map fragments/energy cores/universe express boxes may become the player’s voting weight.