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Durability aging

Even if durable goods do not participate in production, they will gradually saturate the market and affect long-term circulation value. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the fluctuation variance of value and the final value precipitation, but the presentation should be more concealed.

Design Ideas:

  • Making durable goods “consumable” is the best way to preserve durable goods and underlying resources. Therefore, in our view, the aging of important durable goods such as vehicles is inevitable, but should be manifested as fluctuations and unexpected situations in touch/ function/ experience, rather than linear numerical changes.
  • Perception of the functionality of aging durable goods – should start with greater volatility rather than a single “the older the worse”.
    • After aging, the energy consumption rate of the vehicle fluctuates greatly and randomly. The effect of the skill activation fluctuates more and is random.
    • After aging, the vehicle’s functionality is unstable, with problems such as slow acceleration, easy stalling, poor balance, and plugin detachment.
    • After aging, the vehicle can replace high-quality energy cores or special buffs to temporarily improve the vehicle’s status.
    • The older the vehicle, the greater the likelihood of positive mutations when chaining, such as increased critical strike rate/attack speed/movement speed, and double critical strikes in ten attacks.
    • The older the vehicle, the faster the proficiency increases after being self-sustaining or changing hands, and the slots can be quickly refreshed.
  • The ultimate precipitation of aging durable goods: when recycling, the older the vehicle, the greater the chance of producing high-value raw materials when the vehicle is destroyed.
  • The recycling rate is determined by the location of the recycling station and the degree of durability aging/radiation, and the recycling rates in different regions will fluctuate due to the cosmic radiation on that day.

Design Purpose:

  • Players always have an obsession with collection and “permanent ownership”. If the vehicle is designed as a consumable with life value, it may cause anxiety and reduce the user base. On the contrary, the concept of a “vintage car” with an overall decrease in functionality but serious bias should be more acceptable to a wide range of players.
  • Vehicle aging should be handled in the adjective stage (old, ancient, etc.), and not necessarily set a usage limit. In order to reduce user anxiety, simply using it may not directly cause the vehicle to age, and aging is related to the number of hits, energy core overclocking, and chain trading frequency.
  • The multiple attributes of a vehicle (as well as the required life value operation threshold) should create significant long-tail demand, maintaining the price of the vehicle in any form for a long time.