Onboard Web2 and Web3 players to your game with Babylon Wallet.

1. The gameplay and operation should be based on long-term, and a game that is evergreen and popular is more suitable for a taxation system.

2. Cut the game cycle and game progress to promote players’ dependence on the market.

3. Replace numerical design with functional design to stimulate players’ desire to explore and create.

4. Resource output should be accompanied by marginal costs or positive externalities as much as possible, and marginal costs will increase with intensity and duration.

5. Try to cleverly design permanent processes and durables as consumables. Enhanced durable goods layering.

6. Durable goods increase the variance of value fluctuations, and consumable goods use large-scale circulation to reduce damage anxiety.

7. Optimize the up and down chain market mechanism, allow free up and down chain transactions and give it game meaning.

8. Economic control may be considered to maintain exchange rate stability and free flow of capital, sacrificing monetary policy independence.

9. Combining state-owned institutions with private industry chains can reduce direct sales and industrial monopolies, revitalizing the market economy.

10. Use a mixed currency system to obscure and complicate the cost of resource production, eliminating the long-term “global optimal solution”.

X. Unfinished Design