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Flowerpatch is a farming game revolving around FLOWER cards that are collectible.

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Flowerpatch NFT Game

Flowerpatch is a farming game revolving around FLOWER cards that are collectible. The game consists of a multiplayer world, one of which is Alvita, the first world. Alvita has eight regions – Iris, Frozen Fields, Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, Molten Mountain, Sandy Shores, Golden Grove, and Icy Island. Players will plant their flowers in a plot of land just like in the real-world. These FLOWERs can be cross breed with other adjacent plants to come up with unique kinds of FLOWERs. Players will be able to check the status of their planted FLOWERs through various information such as rarity (common, unusual, rare, epic, legendary), mutability, growth speed, harvest size, harvest speed, seed drop, height, and more that are not yet implemented such as berry drop, flower drop, nug drop, THC, and CBD.

FLOWERs have genetic families called Strains. These strains can be edited through its stats – main (Name, Land Affinity, Nug Type, Powder Type, Main Leaf Type, Nug Leaf Type, Strem type, Particle Style, Smell, Body Type, Set), color (Nug Color, Leaf Color, Stem Color, Powder Color) and numeric (Growth Speed, Harvest Size, Harvest Spread, Height, Seed Drop, Nug Drop, Berry Drop, Flower Drop, THC, CBD, Mutability, Rarity). All flowers produce materials during harvesting that can be used in crafting. These materials vary from the land type where it was harvested. For Ice, there are subzero extracts, and crystals that can be collected. Lava offers ember amber, and coal. On the other hand, sand has dull glass and cactus needle while stone gives stone tuber and iron root. Seaweed and oil can be harvested from water. Moreover, hemp fibers can be gathered in any land type mentioned.

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