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Fight of the Ages

Fight of the Ages (FOTA) is a game that comprises three realms: Greenland, Earth, and Nightmare.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $23,638
Fully Diluted Market Cap $2,526,104
Volume(24h) 75,613
24h % Change -0.72
Circulating Supply 6,550,297.61 FOTA
Max Supply 700,000,000
Total Supply 14,000,000

Fight of the Ages NFT Game

Fight of the Ages (FOTA) is a game that comprises three realms: Greenland, Earth, and Nightmare. Each realm is home to its own unique race of inhabitants. There are two distinct gameplay modes available to players: training and campaign. In the Training mode, players are able to build a team out of any hero in the game, equip items with rarities ranging from Common to Legend, and engage in combat against a premade team to test out different gameplay techniques. Players have access to a total of 30 territories, each of which corresponds to one of the game’s 30 missions when playing the Campaign mode. In order to begin a task, a squad needs to have three heroes, none of the heroes in the squad should have reached their maximum earnings, there should be no duplicate heroes, and rented heroes should have at least 30 minutes left until their timer runs out.

Players have the opportunity to win FOTA tokens, the value of which is determined by the highest price attained over a period of six hours, as well as experience points that may be used to level up their heroes’ abilities. If a player is successful in their final submission, “The Ascent,” they will receive FOTA tokens and experience points as a prize. Players can claim their FOTA tokens to their wallet on the Marketplace when the pending period of three days has passed. The quantity of FOTA tokens obtained is equal to the number of pending FOTA tokens acquired by winning the match three days earlier.

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