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Fabwelt Arsenal

A 3D First Person Shooter game developed by Fabwelt, Arsenal is a play to earn game with weekly and monthly tournaments available in its wide range of maps.

  • BSC
  • Polygon
Price $0.01
Market Cap $2,437,292
Fully Diluted Market Cap $5,321,789
Volume(24h) 360,946
24h % Change 6.99
Circulating Supply 228,991,733.00 WELT
Max Supply 500,000,000
Total Supply 500,000,000

What is Fabwelt – Arsenal?

Fabwelt is perhaps one of the top-tier companies doing justice to the blockchain gaming world. The company is developing several high-end games spread across various genres like a first-person shooter, strategy, fantasy, RPG, and many more. Fabwelt is doing a commendable job with their first game, Arsenal.

Arsenal is a fast-paced and action-packed 3D first-person shooter. It brings you intricate 3D designs and immersive maps to have fun. You could compare it to games like Counter-Strike, but on Blockchain. The objectives are also similar where you have to take down the enemies or play modes like capture the flag.

Since the release of beta mode, the game has undergone significant development. At first, it was just available on Polygon Blockchain. However, Fabwelt has also integrated Binance, and that’s not the best part. The developers are aiming to make all of their games cross-chain compatible. So, we are looking at something revolutionary.

How to play Fabwelt – Arsenal?

You will need around 1,000 Fabwelt tokens to start playing any Fabwelt games. This also applies to Arsenal. You can get it from the popular exchanges, and don’t forget to connect the MetaMask. There doesn’t seem to be any gas price right now to play the game.

  •  As for currently, the character you own isn’t an NFT. But if you check the history of such FPP games, there will be more characters. So, while the primary character might be available for free, you could come across many more character designs in future.
  • You just have to log in and register to the game, then acquire 1,000 Fabwelts. Each round takes around 100 $WELT tokens for you to join. The prize pool will depend on the home charge (tax you pay on each game, about 10%) and the number of participants. As there are usually two participants, you’re looking at gaining 180 $WELT on investing 100 if you win the round.
So the prize pool is quite lucrative. Now, let’s move to how the game is played:
  • You will have a character that will follow the standard keyboard commands. W, A, S, and D for movements, Space for jumping. The mouse will work to move the crosshair and target the opponents. You will have to left-click to shoot and right-click to zoom.
  • Similarly, there are other built-in controls.
The objective of the game will depend on the mode. For instance, capture the flag is about capturing a specific amount of flags before you win.

Fabwelt – Arsenal tokens

The in-game currency for Arsenal is simple. They are focusing on $WELT (Fabwelt) tokens. As mentioned earlier, you need to hold at least 1,000 Fabwelts to access the game. After that, it all depends on how you go through the game.

The method of earning $WELT seems to revolve around playing and winning each match. There’s no other viable method like Staking. However, Fabwelt hosts plenty of tournaments for players to join and access higher prize pools. So, that’s admirable.

There are also NFTs:

  • The starting character isn’t an NFT. However, we can expect many equipment and customization-based items to become NFTs.
  • Currently, you have strategic equipment and items as NFTs. Many perks, like Higher Movement Speeds, are also NFTs. These are stored as cards for you.
  • You can trade these NFTs in the marketplace. However, the Marketplace is currently a work in progress.

How to buy and sell Fabwelt – Arsenal tokens?

The game makes it easier for you to connect your Wallet and access WELT Market in-game. There’s no need for you to have MetaMask, yet. However, it could prove to be beneficial. You will have in-game portals helping you buy and convert Fabwelt accordingly. So, the method of buying Fabwelts and selling them is built-in and straightforward.

Join a guild

Fabwelt-Arsenal is the right step towards high-end blockchain gaming. There is also a sports game, Fanwelt, by them. So, you can expect the competition to get exciting. With rising stakes, it would be ideal for teaming up.

Balthazar is bringing you a well-versed NFT gaming platform that works on empowering its members (Wizards). You stand a chance to earn scholarships or share your NFTs, Tokens, and other assets for collective profit.


When is Fabwelt Arsenal releasing?

According to the official website, the company aims to release the game somewhere around Q3 2022 (or late 2022). There are many things still under development.

Is Fabwelt a play-to-earn game?

Yes. You wager $WELTs on each round and earn them if you win. It is one of the easy-to-play and play-to-earn games available.

Which blockchain does Fabwelt use?

Fabwelt is currently available on Polygon and Binance. The company plans on providing cross-chain gaming and is working towards delivering a sustaining interface for that.

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