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Fable Kingdoms

Fable Kingdoms is a multiplayer strategy NFT game built on Solana Blockchain.

  • Solana

Fable Kingdoms NFT Game

Fable Kingdoms is a multiplayer strategy NFT game built on Solana Blockchain. The game is available via web browser, iOS and Android. The players’ goal in Fable Kingdoms is to defeat all enemies.

To play the game, players will have to click on their village to see the Village view. To access the construct menu, click on an empty building plot. Players must first construct buildings that will produce resources. Based on its official website, a wise tactic is to first construct a wood lodge and an iron mine, upgrade those two structures to Level 2, and then proceed to construct a farm. Players’ objective is to swiftly gather enough materials to construct a barracks. If you don’t have a barracks, you won’t be able to produce units quickly enough to protect yourself from other players. Players can build Spearman when their barracks are prepared because they are an affordable, adaptable troop that is simple to recruit. For quicker troop recruitment, you need also to invest in upgrading some of the barracks’ levels. Once settled, players can start participating in Battles, the most thrilling aspect of the game. Every village is open to attack. The players’ troops will pillage resources if they win a battle.

Each unit in the Fable Kingdom has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses. You can see the ATTACK and DEFENSE values for each unit in the village view. When in a battle, if the village being attacked by the player’s Spearman has a Swordsman then the ATTACK value of the Spearman is compared against the DEFENSE value of the Swordsman. For instance, Swordsman 30 DEF vs. Spearman 15 ATK. Thus, the odds of the Swordsman winning that battle are twice as high.

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