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Evermore Knights

Evermore Knights is a blockchain game that is inspired by Anime RPG battles.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $229,857
Fully Diluted Market Cap $2,290,743
Volume(24h) 134,679
24h % Change -4.23
Circulating Supply 100,341,851.69 CREO
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 998,425,260

Evermore Knights NFT Game

Evermore Knights is a blockchain game that is inspired by Anime RPG battles. A turn-based type of game that incorporates a free-to-play and play-to-earn system. The strategic skill of the players will be put to test since this can easily manipulate the flow of the battle. Players get the chance to explore Temeris Land and beat the evil monsters.

The players are the commissioners in the game wherein the fighters in Evermore can be commissioned to battle the evil forces that threaten Evermore. Fighters are NFTs wherein they have different attributes that can make them less or more values which can also be traded and sold between players to earn Diamonds. The game mode called Dungeon Crawling requires a party consisting of 4 fighters of the player’s choice who will attack dungeons. Dungeons have a precise value of Evergems that will be rewarded to the player in each winning match. Gather Skill cards to use as an advantage in battles wherein their skills and powers depend on the cards’ rarity. PvP Arena gives more rewards to the players as they defeat their opponents in battle and in each victory the players can level up their rank.

Evergem is the currency that the players could earn in Evermore Knights which is used in purchasing premium NFT assets in-game as well as on the marketplace. Zenny is the currency that is consumed in daily in-game activities such as character level-ups. Creo Engine is recognized as the governance token in this web 3 game that has a billion mints.

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