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A Sci-Fi FPS game with a gameplay-first approach and easy to earn NFTs with Solana Blockchain. Ev.io is a browser-based NFT game project with a lot to offer with the easy-to-play infrastructure.

  • Solana

What Is EV.io

EV.io is a browser-based FPS (First Person Shooter) game available for almost everyone to play. The game uses automated graphic scaling technology to run on even the lowest spec-based systems like Chromebook.

The Sci-Fi FPS is heavily inspired by the games like Halo, Destiny, and Apex Legends, which shows in the designs with different colour themes. The inspiration from HALO is heavily evident. EV.io is also known as EVIO and was developed by Addicting Games.

The game boasts easy-to-join, easy-to-play, and play-to-earn aspects with simple features and systems that fit almost anyone’s requirements.

How To Play?

Upon visiting the official website, the game will automatically load. The first thing you will encounter is a loading screen. This is to keep the ‘gameplay first’ approach to the project.

It will show you a ‘Click To Play’ option. However, you will join these games as a Guest. There are two modes available currently:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch

It almost has a game-like interface. In the right corner of the game’s screen, you will see the Login option. It is also for you to register and create an account.

The In-Game Controls

The controls are easy to understand and follow the common set up that we see in different games:

  • Movement Keys: W, A, S, D.
  • Teleport: Q Key
  • Throw Grenades / Explosives: G Key
  • Jump: Space
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Crouch: C Key
  • Scroll Weapons: 1 – 8 Num Keys (Top Of Keyboard)
  • Shoot: Left-Click
  • Scope: Right-Click
  • Cursor Movement: Mouse Movements

Skills, Abilities, And More

The game primarily focuses on the easy-to-play aspects. There is a skill and abilities tree. But it is mainly effortless to keep track of. You will get passive points to spend to reduce the amount of time it takes to teleport and the stamina sprinting will consume, among other things.

Weapons And More

You can unlock and equip new items, weapons, armour and more. However, in most cases, the weapons you start with are weaker than the ones you will find in the in-game maps. So, the more you get your hands on them, the more firepower you will have.

Maps And Mini-Games

There are plenty of maps available, and all have a Sci-Fi style setup. The players will never run out of intriguing layouts to battle at. However, there are some maps that occur more rarely than others.

Tokens In EV.io

The game works on Solana Blockchain and uses Sol as the primary currency. You will also earn SOL in the game. There isn’t any other built-in currency for you to explore or DAOs.

There are plenty of NFTs that are unlocked with characters, armours, weapons and more. The more you unlock, the more Battle Power you will have. The power of your character doesn’t impact the outcome of the FPS game. That will rely on your weapons and skills. So, it isn’t a pay-to-win game.

However, the power will impact the amount of SOL you will earn. The higher power you have, the more SOL you will earn. To earn SOL, all you need to do is wear these NFTs and play the game.

How To Buy Tokens In EV.io

You can check out more information on the NFTs here.

Evio has a complete array and showcase segment where you can explore different types of NFTs available.

There is a built-in marketplace called Fractal. You can link your wallet with your ID and start investing in the NFTs to buy them.

Of course, as these are NFTs, they could be available in the Secondary Marketplace, as well.

Play In Guild

Most FPS have guilds or party systems that you can join. Ev.io also offers a similar approach to the players. You can create a party and increase the reward pool. By joining Balthazar, you will become part of the long-term community that is working on building wealth-gaining systems that are long-lasting and sustainable.


Can You Play As A Guest In EV.io?

When you load Ev.io, the official website, it loads as a game, and you can Click to play as a Guest. You can also choose to log in. So, there is a demo or trial option available for you to play as a Guest.

Which Blockchain Does EV.io Use?

Ev.io primarily uses Solana Blockchain for scalability and low transaction fees.

When Will EV.io Release?

EV.io has already been released and is available for players to enjoy. You can also buy NFTs or wait for the sales and drops.

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