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Ethermon is a play-to-earn game that excites players to collect Ether Monsters known as Mon.

  • ETH
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $370,478
Volume(24h) 7,602
24h % Change 2.04
Circulating Supply 0.00 EMON
Max Supply 400,000,000
Total Supply 400,000,000

Ethermon NFT Game

Ethermon is a play-to-earn game that excites players to collect Ether Monsters known as Mon. Years after its initial release in 2017, this game is still quite popular in the NFT world and loves its distinctive gameplay and assets.

In order to get started, users bought Mons, either by purchasing ethermons from the game’s official market, from other players, or just by playing the game’s demo. Players can find more than 100.000 different types of unique Mon creatures. Ethermon is designed around the monsters, which are essential to the game, just like Pokémon. Each “Mon” is unique in terms of its type, form, abilities, and spawning. Also, they are born with six fighting stats: speed, health, primary and secondary attack, and strike and defense.The game features 50 adventures. In the Adventure mode, players can pay their Mons to explore one of 54 Adventure sites. These adventure sites are divided into ten shares, and the highest bidder can purchase possession of an adventure site. Depending on the traits and type of the sent Ether Mon, players may receive a boost item, a wild Mon, or in-game money in return. Players can compete against other players with their own Mons teams in the game’s PvP competitions. Players can enter these tournaments for free and compete for a variety of prizes based on how well they perform in the different tiers of the competition. The PvP game can last up to six days.

The official money of Ethereum is an ERC-20 token known as EMON. Players must first acquire the in-game, off-chain currency MARKS in order to obtain EMON tokens. Then, they can make NFTs using MARKS. To obtain EMON tokens, a player might burn these NFTs or sell them on online exchanges. Ethermon has also arrived in Decentraland after undergoing a complete revamp to become a fully functional 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Also, players can go to a variety of places in the metaverse to hunt down and fight wandering Mons.

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