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Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox is a play-to-earn combat game that uncovers the 4X (Explore, Exploit, Expand and Exterminate).

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $12,638,094
Fully Diluted Market Cap $24,217,869
Volume(24h) 1,078,510
24h % Change -0.36
Circulating Supply 68,884,194,407.61 EPX
Max Supply 132,000,000,000
Total Supply 132,000,000,000

Eternal Paradox NFT Game

Eternal Paradox is a play-to-earn combat game that uncovers the 4X (Explore, Exploit, Expand and Exterminate). This game was created by NTROi, a Korean video game studio, and is currently playable on both PC and mobile devices. The ability to explore the globe, train Mercenaries which is the key element in the game, and build one’s own castle in Endless Paradox fascinates gamers.

As you get prepared to fight, you can gather and employ 20 Mercenaries. There will be a Battle for the Ring of Ruins and nine-week seasons in the game. You acquire Silver Points as you complete tasks and activities, and these points determine your rank. Players will receive tokens with a higher rank. The participants can choose the terms and guidelines for leasing lands along with the incentives associated. Mercenaries protect their own castles and can engage in activities like arena fights that are only accessible through castles. In adventure mode, Mercenaries can be employed to fight other powerful enemies.The land NFTs will come in six rarities. While in the Arena, Mercenary team matches, players compete against one another to advance on the scoreboard.Players can possess this Land, and the rarity of Land NFTs is also influenced by a number of variables and proximity. In Eternal Paradox, having an in-game land has two benefits: you can decide which boosts to provide to allies on your land, and you can earn silver every day for actions taken by other gamers on their land.

Players will rank higher on the leaderboard the more Silver Points they can earn. Only the top-ranked participants will receive a huge reward of EPX tokens at the end of the season.

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