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Eternal Dragons

Live the dream of owning and breeding your dragon to expand your kingdom with an auto-battler play2earn NFT game in the fantasy world of Eternal Dragons.

  • Solana

What Is Eternal Dragons?

Eternal Dragonis is an NFT game and project by Trailblazer Games, a Web-3 Native Studio and Game Developing Company. The game focuses on owning dragons and minions, which you then bid against other dragons in combat. Those who win reap the riches and rewards. Meanwhile, you expand your kingdom, build a city, and thrive in the world of Eternal Dragons.

How To Play?

The game is divided into four phases, or chapters, after which it will be open for the world to play:

1. Prologue: Genesis

The phase will focus on releasing 10,000 Genesis NFTs. These are the dragon eggs that will benefit the early adopters. The NFTs will work as unique passes that will grant various access and pre-access to the holders.

You will also hatch the eggs to acquire dragons that will have unique abilities, traits, attributes and levels generated. The phase will focus on an amazing breeder-style game where you will unravel various classes, affinities and rarity of the dragons.

2. Chapter 1: Strife

The second phase will introduce the PVE aspects where players will fight against the NPCs. Strife will focus on auto-battler and a simulator-type game where you will have dragons and minions fighting other dragons and minions.

The game will also introduce $EDQ (Eternal Dragon Tokens) and Eternium.

3. Chapter 2: House Of Dragons

Between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, the game will undergo a lot of developments and updates. After that, Chapter 2 will focus on something similar to NFT Lands. In-game, these are known as Houses.

Players will acquire and build houses, guilds, cities, or kingdoms to generate a stable source of income and resources as they get into the next chapter. The phase is all about establishing DAO governance.

4. Chapter 3: War Of Kings

Finally, the game will open for the world and newcomers other than those who have invested in the Genesis NFTs. New players can join and become part of the kingdom, cities, and other worlds.

Similarly, we will also see PVP, Tournaments, and other aspects introduced into the game. The game will also have teleportations, spell generations and many other elements added to the game for a full-fledged experience.

Eternal Dragons Tokens

The game plans on using various tokens as it grows. At first, it will have Genesis NFTs (10,000) that will hatch. These NFTs will vary in rarity and attributes.

After that, we will get Eternal Dragons Token ($EDQ), which users can earn as they complete in-game tasks and win battles.

The unique resource, Eternium, will be available for various upgrades, evolution and crafting requirements. There will also be Dragon Feed, required to enter the battle each time, almost like the Gas Fees.

Finally, we will have NFT lands as Kingdom, Cities, and other assets.

How To Buy Tokens In Eternal Dragons?

The $EDQ and Eternium will be available on Serum Portal for users to invest. Discord will have information on the NFT Genesis sales and the mint process. The NFTs will also be available on OpenSea and other secondary markets for the ease of users.

Play In Guild

The fantasy world of Eternal Dragons completely matches the fascinating setup and theme of the Balthazar NFT Platform. You can become the Wizard of Balthazar to be a part of the fast-growing wealth-building community.

Lend your NFT resources, or apply for scholarships in a world-class platform that is all about growing together as a guild.


When Will Eternal Dragons Release?

Eternal Dragons are set to begin in mid-2022 to late 2022 and grant access to players by Q1 2023, according to the roadmap. Chapter 3 will release within Q2-Q3 of 2023 at full-scale.

Is Eternal Dragons Play 2 Earn And Free To Play?

Eternal Dragons is a P2E NFT game that allows users to collect NFTs and trade them or earn built-in tokens. There will be Governance, DAOs, and other utility resources available. Eternal Dragons isn’t free to play, as it will require you to either have dragons, or minions, to play.

Which Blockchain Does Eternal Dragons Use?

Eternal Dragons will use Solana Blockchain and utilise Serum Portal for compatibility and transfer of funds, and investment in tokens, among other things. It will have a built-in infrastructure and layover for the users.

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