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Enter the Sphere

Enter The Sphere is a play to earn, web3, blockchain-based card game powered by both $ORB and NEAR.

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Price $0.08
Market Cap $11,279,656
Fully Diluted Market Cap $84,574,854
Volume(24h) 312,707
24h % Change -0.66
Circulating Supply 133,368,912.00 ORB
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Enter the Sphere NFT Game

Enter The Sphere is a play to earn, web3, blockchain-based card game powered by both $ORB and NEAR. A Fast-paced and immersing JRPG gameplay system.

In the far-off future, there is a known planet in the universe that holds a vast amount of exotic energy source which is called “The Sphere”. The Sphere’s galaxy-swirling ORBS are powered by an unidentified reaction, enabling the passage of their spacecraft across portals to other parallel dimensions. To play the game, players need to purchase or earn Spheres, a unique digital asset or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each sphere represents a specific value and rarity level, and can be traded with other players in a decentralized marketplace, which is also considered as the in-game currency. These Spheres can then be used to purchase NFTs in the marketplace or to participate in various games and challenges within the Sphere ecosystem. One of the unique features of the Sphere NFT game is the ability for players to create their own custom spheres, which can then be sold or traded with fellow players. This allows for a high level of creativity and personalization within the game. Additionally, The Sphere NFT game also incorporates elements of social networking, as players can connect with each other and join communities to discuss the game, share strategies, and collaborate on in-game quests.

Enter the Sphere is not just an average card collectibles but with the application of blockchain technology and NFTs, it dives players into a metaverse of unique play to earn solitaire that transforms gamers into a full pledge Card Master.

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