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Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury is an NFT combat and adventure game that empowers players to battle in an arena.

  • BSC
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Circulating Supply 0.00 FURY
Max Supply 120,000,000

Engines of Fury NFT Game

Engines of Fury is an NFT combat and adventure game that empowers players to battle in an arena. The vision of Engines of Fury’s is to provide a limitless gameplay and imaginative graphics by submerging it in a mystery environment. This game uses the BNB chain.

The gameplay of the game is easy and interactive for crypto geeks which can create, fight and challenge other players in the online realm. After an asteroid strikes Earth and causes a catastrophe that mutates a huge portion of the surviving humans and animals with extraterrestrial viruses, the game’s plot begins in one of the arenas of the city of Stoneport. Players undergo training and get prepared for battle in the game, where they can find various arenas, champions, bosses, tasks to earn new skills, and titanium schematics that can be put together to make NFTs. There are three classes players can choose with: Brawler, Gunslinger and Alchemist. After that, they can finally choose game mode, the PVE and PVP where both can earn rewards. Players can watch their hero combat the opponents in a simulation or 3D animation as the battles take the shape of auto battlers in an arena. Gamers can select the NFTs they want to utilize as weapons and fighting skills. The champion’s class, level, and gear, along with the abilities they selected, determine who wins.

The primary utility token, called FURY, will be used for staking, arena participation, buying or forging NFTs, and exchanging for other crypto-currencies. The in-game currency is based on the ERC-20 standard, and it will soon be added to Solana and Polygon.

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