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Endless Siege

Endless Siege in P2E (Play-to-Earn) NFT Tower Defense game built on the WAX Blockchain.

  • WAX

Endless Siege NFT Game

Endless Siege in P2E (Play-to-Earn) NFT Tower Defense game built on the WAX Blockchain. The player’s goal is to defend the kingdom from the invasion of savage Orcs, an endless wave of orcs will swarm through an entrance, and if a single Orc manages to reach the Realm’s wall, then the game will be over. The game features four types of towers: Ballista Towers (High fire. Low Damage), Cannon (Area damage. Low Fire Rate), Torch (High Damage. Low Fire Rate), and Time Warp (Slow Enemies).

NFTs will come in the form of Lands in Endless Siege. Landowners will be able to gain profit for every orc that dies on their land. Depending on the rarity of the map, the number of land co-owners will vary. Profits will be calculated and divided equally to all the co-owners of the land.

Endless Siege is a game under ClashDome, a platform of NFT games. ClashDome offers three types of player profiles on its platform. Guest Players can play any game without the need to own NFTs. Trial Dummies are non-transferable NFTs that can only be obtained through invitation. And lastly, Citizens are players who own Citizen NFT, allowing players to fully immerse in the ClashDome Society. Citizen NFTs come in three different forms and rarities. Plebs, the most common and popular kind of Citizen, possess the lowest of all rarities. Ubernorms, a rarer type of Citizen, is a high-class Citizen NFT capable of minor customization. Hi-Clones, the top-class Citizens capable of thorough customizations: access to exclusive colors and a variety of palettes are available.

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