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Empire Duels

Empire Duels is a P2E (play-to-earn) game built on Wax and Solana Blockchain.

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Empire Duels NFT Game

Empire Duels is a P2E (play-to-earn) game built on Wax and Solana Blockchain. In a world where 3 Major Families rule the Oil Rig Business (The Siegel Family, The Rothstern Family, and The Lanis Family), players are given the chance to choose from the 3 major families and be given a small part of the family’s land. It is up to the players to build their oil rig, expand their business across the land, and claim the prestigious family name.

Business is all about creating a product, generating a profit by selling or trading this product, and reinvesting the profit in the business. Empire Duel takes the core loop of business to its gameplay: production, trade, and investment. Production or the creation of resources are mined through the use of NFT (non-fungible token) tools, the higher the rarity of the tool the more chances of mining rare resources. Trading features are available in the game, players are allowed to trade empire coins with other players. The Investment features are available in many forms, players can purchase NFTs as an investment, which generate empire coins on their own.

The Tokenomics of Empire Duels features a single token, the Empireduels Token (EDL). With a limited supply amount of 100,000,000. The Empire Duels support transactions across multiple blockchains. Players can transfer their NFTs and Tokens from their preferred blockchain wallet to the game, and also transfer these blockchain wallets to other blockchains. Although upon the release it will only be able to support web3 gaming wallets from WAX and Solana Chain.

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