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Emergents is an NFT trading card game that utilized and built in Tezos Blockchain.

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Emergents NFT Game

Emergents is an NFT trading card game that utilized and built in Tezos Blockchain. The game introduces digital ownership and a unique concept compared to traditional trading card games. Every asset owned by players is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Emergents Trading Card Game introduces a unique set of rules to keep the depth and pace of the game exciting. A new batch of cards will be released regularly to keep the deck building evolving over time. Buying, selling, and trading of cards are also available in the game to further increase the engagement between players. While Special Cosmetics will be available for individual cards to make every player’s deck unique.

Emergents feature a comic book heroes’ theme. The art behind the cards is inspired by classic superhero comic books like Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Cards are divided into three categories: Super Booster, Rare Super Booster, and Epic Super Booster. While each category is further divided into three sub-categories: Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards, Comic NFTs, and Player Avatar NFTs. Individual Cards are further classified into three rarity types: Common rarity cards, Rare rarity cards, and the highest Epic rarity cards.

The story behind Emergents takes place in the Emergents Universe, written and created by Brian David-Marshall. Emergents are humans that receive special powers through the human experiments of Alolysius Zeroth. Zeroth believes that the only solution to repel the invading alien race is the Emergents, hence creating them. Although repelling the alien race in their invasion is successful, Emergents have no way of going back to their ordinary life in society. Some of the Emergents accepted their new life while others did not, thus creating a new conflict for the Earth to face.

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