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Ember Sword

A player-driven economy, Embersword is a free-to-play MMORPG where you’ll face challenges, meet different characters, and new friends. Equip yourself with knowledge and strength as you set foot on the moon of Thanabus.

  • Polygon

What is an Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is an MMORPG on the Ethereum blockchain, utilising immutable X for zero gas fees. It is a heavily player-driven setup where the world will change with every player’s action. Despite being an RPG, it doesn’t conform players to a specific set of classes for the characters. Players have the freedom to acquire various skills and level them up to have truly unique characters.
These Sandbox approaches, along with the possibilities of owning LAND in the Ember Sword World, make it an enthralling experience. With NFT additions and a high-rewarding system, Ember Sword is set to be a well-versed game with blockchain infrastructure.

How to play

Players will have the freedom to create and customise their characters. You can choose one of the four nations to join. There isn’t any limit to choosing the weapon. Each weapon skill progresses individually, independent of the class. The more you practice specific skills, the better you will get at it. There are 0 to 100 levels of skills and characters.

While the characters aren’t NFTs, in-game items like cosmetics, collectables, equipment, and loot are all NFTs. Even the in-game currency, Ember, is exchangeable for monetary gains.

Ember Sword tokens

The character itself and the skills aren’t NFTs. There are specific skills and levels from 0 to 100 almost every player can acquire. However, there are other kinds of NFTs available in the game. These are:


Ember will be the name of the ERC-20 token that the game will support. Players will need it to buy in-game items, consumables, collectibles, and land. Therefore, you will need a wallet, like MetaMask, to convert the crypto to Ember once the game releases.


There will be various wearables like clothes, pets, emotes, etc. These are collectibles because there will be a limited number of items available. For example, there could be 50 units of a specific clothing accessory or pet. The rule of scarcity in the Blockchain gaming world will impact the cost of these collectibles.
AS these are NFTs, you can trade them in the marketplace if you want to. Correlatively, you will be able to purchase collectibles from the marketplace, as well.


There will be land NFTs in the Ember Sword universe, similar to Metaverse. Players will have the opportunity to buy these land blocks. There will be a different type of land blocks available at varying costs. Each land block will have another function as well.
There will be regular plots, settlements, cities, and towns.

How to buy and sell Ember Sword token

The Ember Sword will have a built-in marketplace and also a travelling merchant system, which will allow players to trade items or sell them. Similarly, the NFTs can be transferred to wallets and available on different platforms, like OpenSea, for you to acquire.
There will be a requirement for a wallet connection in the game. You will need Ethereum, wrapped Ethereum, or Polygon and USDC to work with the wallets. Correlatively, there will be new immutable X integration when Ember Sword goes public. So, it will reduce the requirements significantly.

Join a guild

Ember Sword will become a well-versed platform with a fixed number of LAND blocks and collectables. If you want to increase the value of the NFTs, it would be ideal for working with the team. Balthazar is bringing you an opportunity to join the fast-growing NFT gaming platform.
As the wizard of balthazar, you can build a sustainable profit-building system and share scholarships or assets for mutual growth.


When will Ember Sword release?

The game will be released in different stages. There is a Pre-Alpha version available for testing. The developer team will release each nation and work on making it better, growing the content as you continue. Once Solarwood nation finishes, they will focus on other nations. So, the game might take till 2023 to release entirely.

Will Ember Sword be available on mobile?

At first, the game will be released for the PC and Mac platforms. Once the game is fully developed or catches popularity, it will become available on Mobile. The game will follow cross-platform compatibility. So the mobile game and PC game will be set in the same world. There won’t be two different versions, just a single game accessible through other devices.

Is there a gas fee in Ember Sword?

Ember Sword plans on using immutable X, the layer-2 protocol of Ethereum. It comes with benefits like gas-free minting and reduction of cost in transfer. Thus, it will maintain optimum security and fast transactions without costing excessively. It is an ambitious approach to fair gameplay.

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