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ELYNXIR is a unique mobile Web3 game that combines music, gaming, and immersive experiences.

Elynxir NFT Game

ELYNXIR is a unique mobile Web3 game that combines music, gaming, and immersive experiences. The app is built on the Niantic Lightship ARDK, leveraging thrilling augmented reality and geolocation to discover a world of games, music, artists, collectibles and amazing community created content. The game offers interactive scavenger hunts and quests where players can unlock unique music content from their favorite artists. ELYNXIR also provides opportunities for music fans, casual gamers, NFT collectors, artists and creators, token enthusiasts, and core gamers to engage with their preferred content.

To start playing ELYNXIR, users need to register through their preferred social login or create an account. Players can create their fully customizable avatar and choose their preferred artists or genres to receive personalized content. They can travel in the real world to move their avatar across the real-world map and reach points of interest that must be engaged with to win rewards, purchase items, and earn XP. Players can also join fan clubs to support their favorite artists and compete with other players through several ranking systems with leaderboards.

Players can collect materials from primary and secondary sources, which they can use to improve their contribution to anomalies, level up sonic companions, and repair them. Sonic companions can be enhanced with music gems, which come in two types – rare and legendary. The game base economy is based on primary and secondary resources, which allow players to unlock and play events, and to maximize their success or rewards during play. Players can also purchase resources in the shop.

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