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Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle is a play-to-earn, tactical turn-based RPG on Binance Smart Chain.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $53,033
Fully Diluted Market Cap $2,391,812
Volume(24h) 363
24h % Change -0.74
Circulating Supply 22,172,718.40 EBA
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 481,363,628


Elpis Battle is a play-to-earn, tactical turn-based RPG on Binance Smart Chain. Players can go into battle, collect, and trade their NFT heroes, as well as their items and skills. This game uses two tokens, the $EBA and $MEG that can be awarded to players that join the league and will also stabilize the game’s economy. While $MEG is the game’s currency and the reward for players after winning Elpis Battle, $EBA is used as the governance token.

There will be various methods by which players may earn in this game, it could be through fighting opponents, mining, staking, renting, etc. But before that, players must acquire a hero, these heroes are NFTs, which also have NFT parts that affect their overall stats. The rarer your parts are, the more beneficial the stats are. These heroes also have 5 skills, 4 of them are already set to default, but the last one can still be modified depending on your playstyle. Skills also have their own rarity, which players can also use to their advantage. Items are also available and can be acquired through loot or drops in the dungeons, these items also have their own rarity and stats that may help in battling the dungeon bosses. Players will have to enter the dungeon mode to gain experience and NFT loot that they can use in the game. This dungeon is divided into 7 worlds, which players may gradually explore for experiences and progress in the game. Win the map and proceed to the next map for other, much rarer rewards. An arena mode is also available, where players can battle with other players according to their skill levels or join a war to have company in fighting dungeon bosses. This game will let you battle lots of entities on your own, players may use their own strategy in defeating their opponents to claim the bounty on their heads.

With these new game features, players will have an overwhelming gaming experience compared to other games as they will be exploring lots of dungeons and earning loot and NFT items that cost $MEG tokens. Players may upgrade their heroes to increase their value or buy rarer heroes that can help them win most of the dungeon bosses in Elpis Battle.

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