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Eldarune is an NFT game that excites crypto geeks with its engaging action clan storyline.

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Price $0.02
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $10,487,513
Volume(24h) 189,754
24h % Change 14.24
Circulating Supply 0.00 ELDA
Max Supply 600,000,000

Eldarune NFT Game

Eldarune is an NFT game that excites crypto geeks with its engaging action clan storyline. Players can wander between the 21 islands, battle in the countless dungeons, and team up with their clan to fight off the toughest creatures in the Elymnias realm. PvP matches are another way to gauge a player’s competitiveness. To overcome their opponents, players can employ weaponry, dragons, and battleships.

Campaign, Dungeon, Clan Boss, and PvP Arena are the four major game modes available in Eldarune. The gameplay and experience in this game are both entertaining. Swords, axes, and mace are just a few of the many weapons that players might use for the upcoming conflicts. Gamers must make numerous adjustments to enhance their heroes. Alchemy, potion making, weapon mastery, magic, and more, along with getting bigger gear, are all examples of professional skills. The easiest method to do this is to grind dungeons, take part in clan boss fights, or play in a PvP arena. This game also includes aerial wars and battleships. Gamers can choose from a wide variety of characters to engage. Each figure, also known as a champion in the game, has special strengths that are essential in different situations. A few examples of champions include Alec, Elora, the Pirate Captain, and others. Players will receive several champions that are free to use, and you can either purchase more champions on the marketplace or find them as loot in dungeons. Players must also keep in mind that they should select the appropriate champion, weapons, armor, and in-game skills.

The in-game currency ELDA that players can get through completing tasks, eliminating bosses in Clan Boss mode, and triumphing in arena battles. Also, this can be used to create clans for Class Boss mode and buy arena tickets for PvP combat.

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