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Eizper Chain is an action multiplayer role-playing game with two modes – Adventure and Arena. Adventure mode allows players to explore the world of Eizper with a story while Arena lets players compete with others in events to obtain recognition and various awards.

What is Eizperchain

Eizperchain is an Action-Adventure RPG Game. It is currently under development and will release somewhere around late 2022. The game has already released the Alpha Test, which proved quite fruitful. There will be different modes in the game, like Adventure and Arena, for the players to enjoy.

It is the most promising game as there are interactive NPCs and around four playable characters under development. While it will have a unique NFT approach through different means, there will be these selected characters, bosses, and enemies. More will add as the game’s development progresses.

According to the game’s official website, it is the first game in the series. It hints towards the possibility of other instalments if the first one becomes successful.

How to play Eizperchain?

The game will allow you to create an account and log in, then select a playable character. There are four heroes for you to choose from. Once you select the hero, you can progress in-game through Adventure Mode.

The Adventure mode is the story mode. It allows you to progress characters go on quests and level-ups. You will collect various NFTs during the entire journey. However, there’s also a PVP feature of Arena Mode.

The Arena Mode will be available in Adventure Mode. You will contact a chimera NPC named Rudion Lowenhaus. It will allow you to register for a PvP Match and prepare your character with weapons and equipment. Once you have those, you can fight against other characters. Winning will bring you another array of rewards.

  • Currently, the game works on mouse clicks, and you have to click to move the character around. Similarly, you have to click on the attacks to conduct attacks.
  • There are some key-oriented actions like special attacks and such available for you.

Eizperchain tokens

There are three currencies that will be available in and out of the game.

  • Gold: This is the in-game currency that works like any other Action RPG. You will earn more by doing quests, selling items to NPCs, and killing enemy NPCs. Yes, there are also bosses. You can then upgrade your weapons or buy potions, among other items.
  • Eizper Shard: These are the limited reward tokens players will gain by completing events. The events will have time limits for completion. If you complete it, you can do a lot and even exchange them for E1Z coins.
  • E1Z Coin: E1Z token will be available on-chain and transferable as cryptocurrency to other wallets and platforms. You can convert it to real money, as well. There will be many things you will be able to do, just like any other token in any other game.

Apart from the Eizperchain Tokens, there are plenty of NFTs in the form of Heroes, Characters, Items, Weapons, Armor, and other equipment. These cards will have specific classes. Once you collect these NFTs, it will be available in your inventory as cards. You can even have a 3D view of the card.

From Class 2 onwards, the cards upgrade in Visual appeal, among other things. These qualities will provide and retain more value for the NFTs.

How to buy and sell Eizperchain tokens

There isn’t any official method available for you to buy or sell NFTs or tokens for the game. The developers are working on the official built-in marketplace. It will enable people to trade the NFTs and other items.

Most likely, the NFTs in the game could be acquired through Gold and other methods. However, the E1Z coin would probably use MetaMask and other similar wallets. Meanwhile, Eizper Shard will be a rare governance token.

Play in a guild

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When will Eizperchain release?

According to the official website, Eizperchain will be released around late 2022. However, most games have come across delayed development. The same could apply to Eizperchain, and we might receive a release in 2023, as there are still two more phases.

Will Eizperchain be a play-to-earn game?

So far, it seems that NFTs will be tradeable through a marketplace for real money or cryptocurrency. By that logic, you might be able to sell the E1Z token or buy it. There hasn’t been any official release of any token so far.

Which blockchain does Eizperchain use?

Built by Unity, Eizperchain will use the Solana Blockchain for the NFTs.

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