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Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain is a F2P/PNE (Free-to-play/Play-and-Earn) ARPG Action Role Playing Game built on the Solana blockchain.

  • Solana

Eizper Chain NFT Game

Eizper Chain is a F2P/PNE (Free-to-play/Play-and-Earn) ARPG Action Role Playing Game built on the Solana blockchain. The game offers a multi-tier weapon and armor system that is unique from other existing P2E games. Eizper Chain is open for every type of player, even traditional ones, and enables users to participate in multiplayer battles to protect and save their realms from the dark chimera manifestation.

To start, players must create an account either by connecting NFT (non-fungible token) or Phantom Wallet on the Eizper Chain marketplace, or simply by logging through an email account. Players will choose among the 12 characters available in the Eizper Chain metaverse that are divided into two options – Free Characters and pre-build NFT Character. In the battlefield interface, players will see the menu button on the upper right of the screen, mini map on the lower right corner, HP and Stamina Bar, EXP Gauge & Character Level in the left corner, and battle related buttons such as inventory, skills, ultimate, consumable, evade in the lower middle part of the users’ screen.

Eizper Chain offers two different game modes: single player, and multiplayer mode. The characters will be spawned in the Windenfel Village in which they will encounter NPCs (non-playing characters) and explore the world while finishing tasks and quests, and participating in a battle with their opponents to acquire loot and other treasures. The Battle Arena is available for players that aim to participate in a match with or against their friends. To enter, players must find Rudion and talk to him.

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