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Dream Card

Dream Card is the first Web3 trading card NFT game released from the X World Games platform.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap $1,725,428
Fully Diluted Market Cap $11,819,048
Volume(24h) 133,977
24h % Change -0.34
Circulating Supply 1,459,870,498.00 XWG
Max Supply 10,000,000,000
Total Supply 10,000,000,000

Dream Card NFT GAME

Dream Card is the first Web3 trading card NFT game released from the X World Games platform. There are two versions of this game that players may enjoy, the card-trading version and the RPG-based version. This game offers a new experience of trading card games that not only let players play in a PVP setting but also in an Auto Battler RPG setting that players can enjoy.

This game is like the Pokemon trading game, which will make it more familiar to play. Players may acquire their NFT cards through loot and rewards in the game. They may also customize their own NFT hero cards, adding new attributes and designs that will give them advantages in battle. In version 1, players may play against another player with their cards and characters that acquire different rarity, levels, character growth, elo rankings, and passive skills. Meanwhile, version 2 will be an auto-battler RPG that has a PVE feature that lets players battle against the environment. This is where players may battle against powerful AI, or bosses to claim big rewards. It also has the new feature of a brand new set of heroes and NFTs that players may collect for their own collections. Despite both versions being different, they can be played simultaneously because they are parallel to each other.

This game has great animation and special effects that fit the new era of mobile gaming, along with great gameplay and a unique style. Players may earn from their collections of cards that can be traded or exchanged for the game’s $XWG token, which is also its governance token and is used for maintaining the economy and value of the game.

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