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Drakons is a strategic NFT game powered by blockchain.

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Drakons NFT Game

Drakons is a strategic NFT game powered by blockchain. In drakons.io players can collect drakons and use them to battle, and breed. Drakon is divided into 6 elements; fire, water, earth, and air as the 4 basic elements the last two are mental and frost which are believed to be more powerful and stronger than the dragons with the 4 basic elements. Drakons’ strength can be defined by their corresponding elements, there are drakons that are naturally stronger than the other drakons from another element. Specific elements can be countered by specific elements.

Drakon Masters can breed drakons to produce new drakons. Drakons’ offspring will be born with 4 characteristics from both its parents, these characteristics are generated randomly. Drakon Masters can choose to breed their Drakons with other Drakon masters’ drakons and a transaction fee should be paid to the Drakon master as gas fees for blockchain processing.

Drakons.io is based on a strategic game of cards, wherein Drakon Masters arrange the skill sets of the drakons in arenas and specific levels to conduct combat against other drakons. Drakon masters can put their drakons in the queue while waiting for opponents with the same level as it, to match up against their drakons. The arena allows a Drakon Master to send as many drakons as they want to battle other drakons. Drakons have 2 main arenas players can choose from, Standard Arena, it allows Drakon Masters to send their drakons to battle in three different modes which are classic, ranked, and challenge. The Ultimate Battle arena is made for experienced Drakon Masters to fight for ultimate rewards daily. To participate in The Ultimate Battle Arena players must at least have 10 victories from the ranked matches, drakons with sync rune levels 15, 20, and 25 are allowed to battle in the arena, and specific elements are allowed to battle each ultimate battle day.

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