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Dogami is a Metaverse-ready virtual companion that offers play-to-earn opportunities and Gamified Defi mechanics.

  • Tezos
Price $0.01
Market Cap $1,638,555
Fully Diluted Market Cap $7,884,921
Volume(24h) 8,709
24h % Change -3.84
Circulating Supply 207,808,632.55 DOGA
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Dogami NFT Game

Dogami is a Metaverse-ready virtual companion that offers play-to-earn opportunities and Gamified Defi mechanics. It uses the Tezos blockchain and $DOGA game token. Players can adopt, play, earn, compete, and socialize in the Petaverse. The goal is to develop the rarest Doagmi by nurturing it through its life-cycle phases: puppy, adult, and spirit. Dogami is mystical dogs with special powers, such as communicating with humans and manipulating elements. They aim to protect all life, form strong bonds with their companions, and safeguard Earth. These responsibilities were given to them by celestial beings who brought them to Earth long ago. Despite difficulties, they remain committed to their mission and serve humanity and the planet. Dogami teams with similar brands worldwide to offer unique NFTs, customize avatars, and reveal game rewards.

Features of Dogami include visual and no-visual characteristics that determine its Rarity Score and scarcity rank. The rarity ranking table helps players understand their dog’s uniqueness. Visual features include eye and fur color, breed, and rarity tier. Non-visual features include personality, dog stats, body attributes, dog group, and gender. Players can work on improving their Dogami’s stats through in-game activities and to level up, players join in mini-games that correspond to the dog’s maturity stage. Every choice in the Petaverse affects the user’s NFT’s future.

Active participation is rewarded in-game via training and exercise advancing the player’s Dogami evolution. Concepts governing the Play-to-Earn mechanism include Dog Level, Bonding, Dogami Olympics, Dogami Score, Dogami Quests, and Loyalty Rewards. It is an advantage if players can spend time nurturing Dogami to progress faster and receive bigger $DOGA rewards. Attending to dogs’ needs leads to bigger Bonding. Winning competitions means bigger rewards. The highest ranking Dogami every quarter will receive a special prize. Hardworking Dogami with jobs will be rewarded accordingly and loyal owners will be rewarded for every achievement unlocked. Growing the bond level and the pet’s growth is the key.

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