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Doctor Who – Worlds Apart

Collect, battle, and trade your own digital trading cards in this Doctor Who inspired game. Build a deck, have player vs player battles, and travel through space & time as you traverse in all eras of Doctor Who.

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What is Doctor Who – Worlds Apart?

BBC Studios has done a phenomenal job bringing a collectible card game to the Metaverse. While Doctor Who – Worlds Apart isn’t officially part of Metaverse, it is quite an intriguing NFT game. Essentially, it is a collectible card game that allows players to battle each other, as well. The cards are bound to be the NFTs and the players’ most prized possession.
Most cards are hand-drawn and available with a 3D layout on the official platform. A player can check the card as it has various attributes and information. Doctor Who – Worlds Apart is trying to encompass a wide range of cards from all the seasons and episodes of Doctor Who. The developers plan on introducing all the characters, aliens, and events transcribed in the Doctor Who series in the form of cards.

The game is still in beta mode since late 2021. It is available for the players that own the Founders Token. The acquisition of a Founders Token also comes with a wide range of perks for the players. BBC plans on launching Doctor Who – Worlds Apart by late 2022.

Doctor Who – Worlds Apart Tokens

Currently, Doctor Who – Worlds Apart offers a Founder Token. The website provides you with a 3D model for the Token. It is available for around $1,000. There will be a 1963 total number of Founder Tokens. They are released timely in a batch. For instance, the third release had 500 tokens available.

Founder Token allows you to become a founder, which comes with a wide range of perks:

  • You become eligible to receive $245 worth of NFT card packs.
  • Free Core Frame Pack.
  • 20% discount on all purchases.
  • Founder Ranking
  • Pre-access to the game and various builds

It is also a governance token and helps you reserve the voting rights for the game’s development and design policies. There are also many other benefits included.

vUSD token

Virtual USD is the token supported only by the Doctor Who – Worlds Apart platform. It allows you to convert USD to virtual USD (vUSD). You can add it to the wallet and use it for in-game purchases.

1 USD = 1 vUSD in value. There’s no compromise there.


Pandaks are the in-game credits that you can acquire to spend on in-game stores and such. 1 Pandak is around 0.01$ in value. These are like the miles and other reward points. You can earn these via referral and daily login rewards.

Once the game launches, it will allow you to also get Pandaks by winning card battles and participating in events or tournaments.

How to buy and sell Doctor Who – Worlds Apart Tokens

There is an in-game store for you to purchase the card packs. All card packs are hidden and anonymous. The cards you get depend on random factors like RNG and luck. So, you can end up getting high-value cards, as well.

Similarly, you have to convert your USD to vUSD on the game’s platform. There is a dedicated marketplace for players to trade the card NFTs. You can later monetise the Pandaks and vUSDs.  It isn’t clear how you would do it, as the game is still under development.

Play in a guild

Balthazar is bringing you an opportunity to become a member (Wizard) of a highly-sustaining NFT gaming platform. The objective is to provide new players with scholarship programs. Pre-existing players and veterans can also offer their assets to others and share profits.

Balthazar focuses on becoming a high-yielding, self-sustaining and economy-building platform for the members worldwide.


Is Doctor Who – Worlds Apart available on a blockchain?

Yes. Doctor Who uses the Ethereum side fork as a base by the Reality Gaming Group developers to bring you the NFT collections. Without the blockchain integrations, the collective cards wouldn’t have been valuable. However, not much has been revealed for the game so far.

Has Doctor Who – Worlds Apart released the beta test?

Yes. The Beta Test and pre-release access are available for players that hold the Founders Token. If you don’t have a Founder Token, you will have to wait for the official release of the game. There are also pack releases and token releases underway for new players.

Can you play-to-earn on Doctor Who – Worlds Apart?

There isn’t any credible play-to-earn mechanism in the game yet. It all depends on the value of the Founder Token and the NFT cards. If they increase, you can collect various cards and sell them on the Marketplace to earn money. That seems to be the only way for players to earn apart from the Pandaks credits.

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