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DinoX is a play-to-earn card game that allows players to explore the collections of dinosaurs.

  • ETH
Price $0.01
Market Cap $281,798
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,325,674
Volume(24h) 60,086
24h % Change -0.16
Circulating Supply 34,011,080.00 DNXC
Max Supply 160,000,000
Total Supply 160,000,000

DinoX NFT Game

DinoX is a play-to-earn card game that allows players to explore the collections of dinosaurs. Both crypto enthusiasts and dinophile will the ecosystem of the game as it features exciting gameplay, modes and avatars.

This game is similar to other role playing games (RPG) like Axie Infinity. To begin the game, players can start by buying dinosaurs from the market. After obtaining them, players can interact with non-player characters (NPCs), explore the game’s plot through finishing quests, and engage in combat with a variety of enemy in various game modes.To give players a new gameplay experience, this game blends elements from various game genres, including card and idle games. By running an island, a player can have fun. Players can alter their dinosaur squads on their own island while also constructing infrastructure like power plants and power storage to advance their island’s development. Buildings with power plants have an increase in the energy regeneration rate of +0.3% while those with power storage have a +1 increase in maximum energy capacity. Dino battles need a lot of energy, so you require energy to participate. There are four main types of game modes, including ranked (PvP), tournaments (PvP), encounters (PvE), and friendly matches (PvP). After its beta launch, metaverse land distribution also featured more exciting gameplays.

DinoX features three tokens: DNXC, DNX, and DNXI, each with a distinct function. The native coin, DNXC, which may be traded on exchanges and is utilized for breeding, events, and governance. The NFT Dinosaurs & Dino Eggs are DNX. Last is DNXI are NFTs awarded in-game as items for leveling up and improving buildings.

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