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Dino Land

Dinoland is a blockchain game where players can train and battle NFT monsters called Dinos.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $97,760
Volume(24h) -
24h % Change 0.00
Circulating Supply 0.00 DNL
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Dinoland NFT Game

Dinoland is a blockchain game where players can train and battle NFT monsters called Dinos. This play-to-earn game offers PVE and PVP elements through battling monsters in the mysterious forest and fighting with other Dinos. Dinoland is in the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and its main currency is $DNL.

Players breed Dino eggs in order to obtain Dinos. Dino eggs are hidden in the mysterious forest. There are currently 3 classes of eggs and 1 lucky random egg. The Novis Egg (red) contains Dinos belonging to the Novis species that brings the power of Fire. Aquis Eggs (blue) that bring the power of Water belong to Aquis species. Terros Eggs (green) contain Dinos belonging to Terros species that bring the power of Trees. Lottery Eggs are eggs that randomly hatch into one of the three species. Eggs take 6 hours to hatch. For players that don’t want to hatch eggs, Dino NFTs are available in the Dino NFT Market.

In Dinoland web 3 game, players fight the Darkie Monsters Gang in Regular Training mode and Sudden Time mode. THe Darkie Monsters Gang is comprised of small bat-like minions guarding the perimeter, Borus which is a spider-like boss monster and Zayn, The Darkie King which is the strongest enemy of all Dinoland. Regular Training mode serves as the players’ preparation for their Dinos to get stronger. Sudden Time is when players must defeat Borus in order to get the Breed Stone – an item necessary for breeding Dinos. Sudden Time happens randomly everyday. There is also a weekly event when players encounter the Darkie King Zayn for a chance to win exciting rewards like NFTS and BUSD.

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