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Dekaron G

Dekaron G is a mobile MMORPG that is a remake of the original Dekaron game.

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Dekaron G NFT Game

Dekaron G is a mobile MMORPG that is a remake of the original Dekaron game. It will incorporate blockchain elements as part of Wemade’s Wemix network and will be available globally on mobile devices before launching on PC.

INCAR is an in-game utility coin that can be exchanged, stored, sold, and purchased outside of the game. To obtain INCAR, players can exchange Nunvice Crystals through a process called Casting, which requires a minimum of 500,000 Nunvice Crystals. The Casting Fee varies based on the production of Nunvice Crystals and daily active users. In-game, players can also use Melting to exchange 1 INCAR for 200,000 to 300,000 Nunvice Crystals, with benefits increasing through Nunvice’s Blessing system. The aim is to induce continuous Melting and increase demand for INCAR, creating an organic circulation with the Casting Fee.

Players can create their characters by selecting one of four weapon types and one of three weapon trans-ups. Players can develop their characters by distributing stat points earned by leveling up. All skills in Dekaron G can be learned if a skill book is available, and some skills require Magic Stones, which can be purchased or obtained by defeating monsters. Active skills can be placed in quick slots to be used quickly, and awakened skills add extra effects to a skill. In addition, Pets augment the character’s abilities, and only one pet can be summoned at a time. Items can be obtained by hunting monsters, purchasing, and crafting. Crafting can result in three outcomes: success, great success, or failure. In Dekaron G, PK (Player Killing) is available, and players can attack other users outside of safe zones. The Propensity of the character can change depending on their playstyle, and PK Lawful/Neutral users can reduce it.

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