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Have a unique deck of digital trading cards and use it to battle with other players online. Players can connect and socialize with others in DeHorizon as the game hopes in becoming the next generation of Metaverse Game Ecosystem.

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Fully Diluted Market Cap $132,783
Volume(24h) 15,974
24h % Change -0.25
Circulating Supply 0.00 DEVT
Max Supply 300,000,000
Total Supply 300,000,000

What is DeHorizon?

DeHorizon aims to become a new hub for players in the Metaverse game ecosystem. It will use blockchain technology and offers players a chance to socialise with each other to build a community. Players can also create or join and play various games that come with their unique currencies. There are two aspects DeHorizon emphasises upon:
  • Becoming a virtual carnival.
  • Second life.
These aspects show that DeHorizon will work as an alternate world for the players in the Metaverse. The carnival aspect will explore a place where people can come together to have fun. After all, there are three games already under development:
  • DeVerse: A team-battle game, PvP, where you can choose different classes like warrior, ranger, rogue, etc. and battle each other.
  • DeMythical: A dragon-riding and racing game. It is currently under development.
  • DeTournament: Aiming to be a battle royale game, it is currently under development.
DeHorizon operates on Ethereum Virtual Machine.

How to play

DeHorizon strongly follows the objective of the Metaverse. It also utilises web 3.0 protocols to establish a sustainable universe. The entire project is divided into DeHorizon Metaverse 1.0 and 2.0.

In Metaverse 1.0, the developers will focus on adding various games, while in 2.0, social interactivity will take priority.


The character NFTs that are currently available in DeHorizon are known as Numens. These have different classes like Alchemist, Warrior, Adventurer, Rogue, etc. These come with unique skills, perks, and attributes.


There are also JuJus available in the DeHorizons. They are supposed to have infinite potential, and one can expect them to work as a version of governance token in the DeHorizon universe. You can breed and grow them to make them even more powerful.

DeHorizon tokens

DEVT (Decentralized Eternal Virtual Traveler) is an ERC-20 governance token available in the DeHorizon Universe. There will be a total of 300 million DEVT in DeHorizon. There are also DAOs (DeGuardian and DeVoice).

Like other NFT-games, everything in DeHorizon that a player owns is an NFT. You can also buy other items, like boosters, mystery boxes, or even stakes in the game. DeHorizon is a hub, and games are different. Each game will have its standalone token.

For example, DeVerse will have DEVT, while DeArena will have a DAT token and so on. The name might change later.

How to buy and sell DeHorizon token?

The marketplace for DeHorizon, DeVerse, and everything else is currently under development. There isn’t any way for you to connect to the Wallet, either. As these mechanisms are still WIP, there isn’t any way for you to buy and sell DeHorizon Tokens except the official website.

However, when you click to buy anything, it will take you to the Binance Market. So, you might need Binance to access and buy NFTs. There are mystery boxes primarily for you to purchase.

You can also check the value on official listings like CoinGecko.

Join a guild

DeHorizon is working on building a sustainable and interactive Metaverse hub for gamers worldwide. While it is an ambitious project with a Second Life approach, you can have better options by joining Balthazar.

Balthazar is an intrinsic NFT gaming platform that brings players from different parts of the world together. As a member of Balthazar (Wizard), you can apply for scholarships and start your journey on any NFT game available on any blockchain.

Correlatively, you can also lend your assets to other players (Balthazar members) to acquire a stable return. Through these measures, you become part of a growing community of Balthazar that is focusing on building a profitable ecosystem in the Metaverse, NFT, and Blockchain Gaming.


When will DeHorizon release?

According to the roadmap, DeHorizon should be released by 2022 (Q4). It is on schedule so far. However, many cryptos and NFT games have seen delays in development due to market changes. So, there could be some time before the development picks up. Therefore, it could cause a delay.

Is DeVerse available to play?

DeVerse currently has an internal release or a closed Alpha test available. However, there are gameplay videos and trailers available on YouTube and the official Twitter page. You can check them out to get an idea of what DeVerse is bringing you.

Is DeHorizon an RPG game?

DeHorizon will be a hub that follows Metaverse and Web 3.0 protocols for an immersive experience. It isn’t a single RPG game but a collection of games (currently three). You can expect the games to have transferrable NFTS for a complete universe experience.

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