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Defina is a blockchain anime-based game that embraces DeFi and NFT at the same time to utilize earnings from assets.

  • BSC
Price $0.02
Market Cap $1,333,163
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,965,741
Volume(24h) 164,731
24h % Change 6.72
Circulating Supply 67,819,855.00 FINA
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 74,970,752


Defina is a blockchain anime-based game that embraces DeFi and NFT at the same time to utilize earnings from assets. Defina adopted a “play to earn” system that enables users to earn rewards through gameplay and asset trading.

In this game, players may battle other players in mining mode where they may conquer opponents or defend themselves for the game’s token, $FINA. Players will need to acquire the first heroes called Ouroboros, they are varied by rarity, and the value scales with the level of rarity. Players may equip them with also different items with unique attributes that they love and suits their playstyle which can also be bought, sold, or traded with your heroes on the market. Create or train the strongest NFT hero in Defina as it can be valuable to your own collections. Players may build a team of NFT heroes to fight their way through an adventure mode with multiple chapters that earns them better rewards. Players may also yield their farm for additional earnings or join the arena to get onto the leaderboards and claim large prizes. Win honor and $FINA for the guild that players have joined by successfully defending strongholds taken from the opposing guild. Various game modes are also available in this game, wherein PVE, players may gather in a total of 4 to fight monsters, explore new chapters and gather materials or loot that may help them in progressing the game. In PVP, players will have to fight their opponents and defeat them in the arena mode battle or rank. In the nightmare city mode, players will have to fight with 3 other heroes to finish the game and get a big reward after killing the final boss. And lastly, in the guild system where players will fight alongside their guild members to earn materials and $FINA for their guild.

$FINA are staked for players to earn, some of the tokens in-game are used for the items and weapons upgrade, purchase of heroes and etc., which players should prioritize to capitalize their assets. Players will also be encouraged to play as leaderboards will be available per week, and the strongest player and guild will yield bounties of rewards.

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