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DeFi Land

DeFi Land is a play-to-earn agricultural simulation game where players can buy and trade in-game assets and land.

  • Solana
Price $0.00
Market Cap $1,504,609
Fully Diluted Market Cap $5,823,812
Volume(24h) 36,086
24h % Change -3.35
Circulating Supply 2,525,158,778.00 DFL
Max Supply 9,774,000,000
Total Supply 10,000,000,000

DeFi Land NFT Game

DeFi Land is a play-to-earn agricultural simulation game where players can buy and trade in-game assets and land. Players can connect their online wallet to DeFi Land and exchange cryptocurrency tokens while playing this game for free.

Each player can engage in the mini-games, which award experience points (XP) and extra rewards for owners. Players are ranked using their XP on the leaderboard, where the top players are awarded token rewards. Fishing, harvesting, and shooting are the three mini-games available. The NFT items in the game are automobiles, fishing poles, hunting rifles, tools for mining and chopping, structures, and creatures. DFL tokens can be used to upgrade the structures and animals, as well as to make tools. Also, it has many rarities that are legendary and unique, as well as levels of common, ordinary, and rare. Besides that, players can have a pet that they can look after to win rewards and find hidden treasures. The three factions available to players are doge, pepe, and monke. Each group has its own set of quests, and the faction that performs the best is rewarded. The game includes a variety of various buildings: Houses, Market, Seed laboratory, Farms, Bank, Voting palace and Robotic farm. Houses serve as a central location for each player to keep track of their portfolios, and the market enables asset trading. While players can trade their liquidity for seed tokens in the Seed laboratory. Players sow their yield-producing seeds on Farms. Players can lend, borrow, and stake tokens at the Banks. Players can vote on several protocols in the Voting palace. The Robotic farm, which harvests itself, is the automated equivalent of conventional farms.

The internal economy of DeFi Land is driven by GOLDY and DFL. The Solana chain hosts two tokens. In-game NFTs like animals, buildings and tools can be purchased, traded, and upgraded using DFL tokens.

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