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DeFi Kingdoms

Have a unique deck of digital trading cards and use it to battle with other players online. Players can connect and socialize with others in DeHorizon as the game hopes in becoming the next generation of Metaverse Game Ecosystem.

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Price $0.11
Market Cap $7,743,496
Fully Diluted Market Cap $13,434,357
Volume(24h) 48,480
24h % Change -2.76
Circulating Supply 72,049,372.00 JEWEL
Max Supply 125,000,000
Total Supply 122,650,736

What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms isn’t a simple NFT or cryptocurrency game for you. It combines the aspects of a game with a decentralised exchange and a liquidity pool mobile. Overall, it is a unique idea that brings you the visuals of the classic 8 bit RPG games for authentic appeal. It is quite a nostalgic experience with utility-driven NFTs.

The developers behind the system are also working on getting the game on the unique Blockchain. Currently, it works on the Harmony Protocol blockchain. It uses the native coin ‘One.’ However, the launch of DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale will take the game to a new frontier.

It will become a multi-chain compatible game with its DEX chain to operate on. So, while the other games are relying on pre-existing blockchains, the game developers for DeFi kingdoms are working on a truly unique experience for the players.

How To Play

The game primarily works with the collection of Hero NFTs. These are utility-based NFTs that have a specific profession. Each hero also has stats, among other things. You can upgrade them or even breed heroes to mint new heroes for yourself. However, it is not essential for you to get hero NFTs. If you’re running low on JEWELs, you can invest them through LP and DEX to accumulate more JEWELs. Later, you can buy the hero NFTs.

  • You will have to create an account and also connect the MetaMask wallet.
  • Almost every action in the game will cost you some form of GAS. There are plenty of quests available.
  • As there are different quests (Mining, Gardening, Fishing, etc.), you will need heroes with the fitting profession. Then you can understand these quests. It is almost like mining NFT games.
  • You will need a fixed number of heroes for certain quests, and each quest will depend on the chance for completion. So, you will have a lot to work with.

DeFi Kingdoms also plans on adding PvP and other combat-based mechanisms in the game. These aren’t available yet, but it would depend on Crystalvale’s success.

DeFi Kingdoms tokens

Currently, there are two in-game tokens. One is JEWELS, and another is CRYSTAL. The CRYSTAL Token will launch with DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale. Meanwhile, you have JEWEL that you can buy from Marketplace, Merchant, or even trade.

JEWEL is the core currency for in-game requirements. You will need it for everything from buying heroes to taking part in the quests. It will also be the currency you receive when you finish quests, and the heroes mine for resources. With Defi Kingdoms: Crystalvale, CRYSTAL tokens will also become available. These and JEWELs will be interchangeable and have the same purpose.

There are plenty of NFTs in the game. It is not limited to just the Hero NFTs. There are Land, Pet, Weapons, Items, and many other NFTs available. Correlatively, you can find these NFTs at the built-in marketplace to trade. You can also buy or sell your NFTs there.

How to buy and sell DeFi Kingdoms tokens

As the game works on Harmony Blockchain, you will need to buy ONE coin, prominent in Harmony. You can also try and use other Harmony crypto coins and use them to exchange them and get JEWELS.

As you can expect, these are available on the most prominent exchanges. You can also use the MetaMask wallet extension for easy gameplay and transaction throughout the game.

Play in a guild

An actual RPG game requires a party for you to join. It would be great if you could find co-existing players. That’s where Balthazar, the excellent NFT gaming platform, comes into play. There are many Wizards that are willing to lend their resources to new players as scholarships. Similarly, you can also become one of these Wizards and lend your assets to reliable individuals.

Balthazar is working on building a highly sustaining NFT gaming community worldwide. The objective is to generate stable income through NFT games.


How much does it cost to play DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms is free to play and play to earn the game. There is a low gas cost for every transaction you make. As it works on the Harmony blockchain, the gas fee is relatively low. However, you can spend as much as you’d like on getting heroes and playing the game.

When will DeFi Kingdoms release?

The DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain will be released on 22 March 2022. Following that, the developers plan on releasing DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale by 30th March 2022. Meanwhile, DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale is already available for players to join and play.

Is DeFi Kingdom worth playing?

While other games are working on pre-existing blockchains and using various crypto coins, the shared utility initiative is quite ambitious. The developers of the game are also working on cross-chain compatibility. Therefore, it can become worthwhile to play and invest in the game.

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