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DEEPSPACE is a space-themed play-to-earn game that leverages NFTs as player assets.

  • BSC
Price $0.02
Market Cap $875,119
Fully Diluted Market Cap $1,654,493
Volume(24h) 265
24h % Change -1.60
Circulating Supply 52,893,497.79 DPS
Max Supply 100,000,000
Total Supply 89,598,881


DEEPSPACE is a space-themed play-to-earn game that leverages NFTs as player assets. It was launched in August 2021 and is based on the DEEPSPACE universe. Players can mint, buy, and sell NFT ships, land, and equipment on a custom marketplace built in-house for the game. The game also features unique and upgradable SmartNFTs designed by blockchain experts. These ships can be leveled up by upgrading them with resources that can be mined in-game or purchased from other players in the Galactic Resource Exchange.

DEEPSPACE has a “Game First” vision and aims to be a cutting-edge game that players want to play and compete in for fun. The game offers a blend of first-person 3D space exploration, turn-based strategy combat, and action racing e-sports. The game’s economy is backed by a cryptocurrency token called $DPS, which is found only on the Binance BNB Chain. Players can earn DPS by actively playing and participating in the DEEPSPACE Economy, by exploring the universe, gathering resources, building equipment, or wagering in-game DPS tokens and competing against other players.

The game is divided into multiple stages, including The Hangar, Space Exploration, and Combat. Players use The Hangar to select their ships, initiate PVP, obtain quests, and manage their equipment. Space Exploration allows players to chat globally with other players as they travel to distant planets, search for lost cargo, and mine asteroids for resources. In Combat, players can test their fleet and skills in a turn-based strategy environment against NPC AI or other players in PvP. DEEPSPACE provides players with multiple types of equipment, such as ship upgrades, equipment that can be attached to a ship, and commander equipment.

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