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Decentraland is a web3 game that excites players to build their own virtual world.

  • ETH
Price $0.30
Market Cap $574,584,188
Fully Diluted Market Cap $665,664,383
Volume(24h) 27,003,220
24h % Change -3.12
Circulating Supply 1,893,095,370.64 MANA
Total Supply 2,193,179,327

Decentraland NFT Game

Decentraland is a web3 game that excites players to build their own virtual world. The collaborative virtual environment for users in this game is run by an Ethereum (ETH) based metaverse. The packed experience of trading items, purchasing and selling virtual properties, and interacting with other cryptocurrency gamers.

To start the fun in the metaverse, players can purchase MANA with ETH. Enthusiasts can explore the map of Decentraland and take part in one of the numerous ongoing community activities to play this game. Communities in the cryptocurrency industry can host events like concerts and poker nights where individuals can meet up. Also, there’s the opportunity to engage in the in-game economy by buying digital art and trading it with other users of the network. The software allows users to track LAND parcels, which are portions of real estate. A District in this game is a collection of LANDs with similar features, cultures, or communities. Dragon City, Fashion Street, and Vegas City are all available. Decentraland has it all, whether you want to discuss ideas, stream Minecraft, or browse virtual properties. Other than that, Decentraland has numerous tiered components, including the Consensus, Land Content, and Real Time layers. A beginner’s tutorial, options for exploring what is provided, and guidance on how to talk with the community are all provided by the Decentraland system.

In this game there are two native tokens: MANA and LAND. MANA is the native token of the game while ESTATE is the digital land. LAND represents the parcel of digital lands also called ERC-721 tokens. Added to that, a LAND can be formed by joining several nearby Estate lots, these tokens are ERC-721 as well. There are 80,000 LAND parcels in existence, of which the game’s creators privately own a few thousand to serve as the highways and other public services required for the game. Users have the option of purchasing and selling these assets on the official market or browsing secondary markets like OpenSea.

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