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Dear, Ella

Dear, Ella is a blockchain role playing game set in a fantasy kingdom called Esperanza.

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Dear, Ella NFT Game

Dear, Ella is a blockchain role playing game set in a fantasy kingdom called Esperanza. It follows the story of Ella who was revived sometime in the past and is set to avenge her late father, the king and rebuild their kingdom. In this web 3 game, players can choose and deploy characters in adventures, battles, and challenges in the different in-game modes like Dungeon, Arena, Raid etc. In Dear, Ella players are presented with tactical deployment and unique skill chains making the game challenging and engaging to play.

Racing against time, the player only got a year for the events of the kingdom’s demise to reoccur. The player should summon a team of heroes with various skills and ranks to protect the kingdom from Ella’s uncle – her father’s supposed killer. To reach the castle, different adventures must be completed and hordes of monsters must be defeated. Each hero has its own skill set and gears which are all upgradable by Potions, Rubies and Crystals. Rubies and Crystals can be purchased in the C2X Vault of the XPLA blockchain ecosystem while Potions are available in in-game Events. Hero ranks vary from C being the lowest and SS as the highest. Players can summon these ranks according to their level in the game. C ranked Heroes get normal and common skills while SS ranked Heroes get better primary and ultimate skills. Aside from adventures, Battle Arenas, Daily Quests and Event Dungeon are also available in the web 3 game for a more competitive and rewarding gameplay.

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