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Dark Earth

Dark Earth is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that is built on its own metaverse.

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Dark Earth NFT Game

Dark Earth is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that is built on its own metaverse. The key characteristic is that Dark Earth NFTs will be distributed throughout the multiple video game play in the ecosystem and each have a unique value. With its unique card battle and active, engaging gameplay mechanics, Dark Earth aspires to become a benchmark environment in the Esports industry. By the use of the cryptocurrency Cosmium (CSU), which will offer game-related services and NFT engagement to its holders, Dark Earth has its own economy.

The post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting of the game provides players with a calming and exciting experience.The storyline of Dark Earth’s first events takes place on the planet Leira toward the end of the 22nd century, which is a fascinating aspect of the game. The metaverse’s Dark Earth Raids Strategy Game is a dynamic and interactive multi-platform game. Becoming the first player to collect the most Cosmium is the objective of the game. A settlement representing the player’s faction and a 30-card squad deck with Units and Upgrades which will enter the player’s community to assist him fight against Raids and plan his own attacks are part of each player’s custom deck. Last but not least, there is a 30-card conquest deck that contains things and actions that can change the course of a game’s battles and encounters.

Players’ quest to own these rare digital assets will likely result in numerous trade activities. Trades are simple to complete since trading partners are interested in acquiring these digital assets. The developer among these items will be capable of transferring or sell them within any marketplace that cooperates with the network he owns because ownership is recorded in blockchain.

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