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Cyberkongs is an NFT project that has now turned into an NFT Game and will keep on expanding. Collect $BANANA token for play-to-earn and more NFT assets.

  • ETH
Price $0.02
Market Cap $4,292,947
Fully Diluted Market Cap $8,840,937
Volume(24h) 37,517
24h % Change 0.48
Circulating Supply 203,941,927.83 BANANA
Max Supply 420,000,000
Total Supply 203,942,411

What Is Cyberkongz?

CyberKongz started off as an NFT project with the Genesis Generation of 1,000 Cyberkongz NFTs in 2021 (March). It quickly became popular and spread throughout OpenSean. Cyberkongz turned into a global phenomenon with a community-centric approach. Cyberkongz is a joint-community idea and not just something created by a game developer team.

To empower the CyberKongz universe, a $BANANA token was created. Genesis Kongs can generate 10 $BANANA per day. This $BANANA token can be used to provide unique names, biography, and other characteristics to CyberKongz.

Next game Baby CyberKongz, around 4,000 of these are available for players to generate by using a $BANANA token to breed and incubate. With the evolution system, we received CyberKongz VX. This brought the entire universe to life, and now that the 2D metaverse is under CyberKong’zs succession, the model is set for a 3D Voxel collection of 15,000 models next with playable opportunities.

So, CyberKongz is a complete universe, and it comes with an idle mining game known as Play & Kollect.

How to play

First, you will have to get your hands on one of the CyberKongz genesis NFTs. These generate 10 $BANANA tokens per day. If you can’t do that, you will have to acquire $BANANA tokens.

There are Baby Kongz, Genesis Kongz, and CyberKong VX available for you to claim. You can find them in secondary markets like OpenSea.

Once you earn enough $BANANA tokens, you can rename your CyberKongz, or provide them a backstory, among other things.

Play & Kollect

Play And Kollect is the first game in CyberKongz’s Metaverse space. Here, players will create a crew of 5 CyberKongz and send them on an Adventure. The adventure is idle, and there is no need for an active place. However, it will cost $0.4 BANANA token per CyberKongz per day, or 1 FuelRod each day.

Users gain 1 FuelRod per kong for free or can choose to spend $0.4 BANANA token per day for the adventure.

The game has a short 10-day season. At the end of the season, the user that has accumulated the most points and successful adventures will get to claim the prize pool. Essentially, it is a wagering, mining, and staking game. But, users can redeem their stakes anytime they like.

Similarly, there are boosters like Charmz and more in the game for you to explore and learn about.

Tokens In CyberKongz

CyberKongz is available on Polygon Blockchain. So, you can invest in Polygon Cryptocurrency. If not, you can mint the CyberKongz NFTs. Currently, there are:

  • Genesis Cyberkongz (1,000)
  • CyberKongz Baby (4,000)
  • Cyberkongz VX (15,000)

Users can mint more Cyberkongz VX for Play & Kollect games.

$BANANA is the native token of the CyberKongz universe. According to the official website, it shouldn’t hold any monetary value. Any value is the perceived value by the community.

How To Buy

You can get CyberKongz VX on OpenSea.

Play In Guild

CyberKongz isn’t just a game, it is an experience and a universe set in the Metaverse. As a community-driven project, it is bound to develop more. We can expect more Mini-games or better games in the future, like BAYC’s Otherside.

Therefore, having a guild would be a great asset, especially if you’re looking to lend or rent the Genesis Cyberkongz.

Balthazar makes it easier for you to build and sustain a wealth-building infrastructure for your NFT assets. You Can Thrive in a fast-expanding community and become part of something big. As an NFT platform, Balthazar offers lucrative scholarships and opportunities to lend your assets for mutual gains and better wealth accumulation.


Is CyberKongz Worth The Investment?

CyberKongz is a popular NFT project. The Genesis Generation and Baby Kongz might be worth the investment. However, there will be new 3D variations that could hit the market soon. So, it could be a worthwhile experience. The universe plans on expanding and connecting with other projects so that the value can thrive.

Do You Need To Invest To Play CyberKongz?

CyberKongz requires you to either mint or buy a pre-existing CyberKongz NFT to play the game. So, you will have to invest. With Balthazar, you could rent the NFTs, too.

When Will CyberKongz Game Be Available?

CyberKongz’s Play And Kollect is available for players already. You can go ahead and join it to play and mine.

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