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Cyber Arena

Cyber Arena, a Non Fungible Token (NFT) game joins the metaverse, engaging in real-time combat and receiving rewards.

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Price $0.05
Market Cap $326,029
Fully Diluted Market Cap $749,192
Volume(24h) -
24h % Change -0.62
Circulating Supply 6,527,607.00 CAT
Max Supply 15,000,000
Total Supply 15,000,000

Cyber Arena NFT Game

Cyber Arena, a Non Fungible Token (NFT) game joins the metaverse, engaging in real-time combat and receiving rewards. Fans of combat sports are drawn to Cyber Arena because users may select their warriors and begin participating in single-player or multiplayer. The main cryptocurrency in the Cyber Arena ecosystem is called CAT, and its economic activities include staking, buybacks, and burns.

Aside from stunning stunts, kicks and combo moves, each character can be improved and has an individual storyline. The fighting game concepts as a whole are obvious; players can begin to achieve better rewards and enter a scene that is rife with competition. In the single-player game’s distinctive story mode, players engage in combat with Non-player characters (NPCs) and carry out numerous objectives to achieve new levels and rewards. Three game modes are available in the multiplayer: league, versus, and tournament. Players can choose from various event sizes and difficulty by using the tournament tickets they acquired. At the same time, participants in league mode can advance through League Divisions, rise to higher ranks, and win season-long unique NFT prizes. Last but not least, the versus mode enables the construction of original fight ideas that define the combat’s parameters, including the number of rounds, the character level cap, the token wager amount, and yes, the stack CAT token.

A market for various boosters and NFT cosmetic items, which can change players’ appearances or increase their rewards per match, is also available in Cyber Arena. Some NFTs, such as Rare Arenas, can be unlocked if players stake tokens and LP tokens. As CAT also features DAO governance functionality and grants players boost when staked, this also provides passive income.

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