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An NFT-based football-themed game, CyBall lets you play while earning. Create and train your own CyBlocs team and fight against players across the globe.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $39,306
Volume(24h) 9,548
24h % Change 0.01
Circulating Supply 0.00 CBT
Max Supply 70,000,000,000

What is CyBall

CyBall is a turn-based football NFT game with a futuristic theme that resembles cyborgs. You will have PVP and PVE opportunities in the game. There will be battles against other players for you. The matchmaking is fair to ensure that you compete against someone in your league.

As it is an NFT-based game, you can collect CyBloc, buy new ones, or trade them.

The game strongly matches strategy, simulation and chance-based game genres for an enthralling experience. It focuses on a play-to-earn module to ensure that players can have fun, whether they are professional or casual players.

How to play

In the game, you have CyBlocs, the cyborg NFTs that you collect, train, mentor and level up. You make a team of three CyBlocs participate in different matches. There are different types of game moves available. There are exhibition matches, tournaments, and much more for you to explore.

  • Each CyBloc has six skills with stat points. These will become useful while playing the game. Each round in the game focuses on specific skills. So, you have to choose a CyBloc with the skill stats that are most suitable for the round.
  • There are also special cards at the bottom of the game screen. These have different cards that bring special abilities, passives, and such to the game. You can use these to get a better edge.
  • While you make these selections, the game still works on RNG. As such, you won’t always have a surefire way to win the round. You will just have a higher chance of scoring.
As it is a turn-based soccer game, you won’t have the real-time game and the action-packed passing, dripping, and scoring the goals. However, the simulation is quite intriguing, as well.

CyBall tokens

Apart from the CyBloc NFTs, there are two tokens in the game:

  • CyBloc Battery Token: $CBT enables you to Hire-A-Coach or mentor the next generation of CyBlocs. These are the best ways to empower your Cyblocs. You earn $CBT through PVP matches in exhibition, tournament and league matches. CyLoan also allows you to borrow $CBT.
  • CyBall Token: This is the governance token of the game and allows you to do everything like staking or using them for mentoring the CyBlocs.

Players can use the built-in CyDex to buy these tokens. There’s no other way to purchase these tokens other than playing the game. If you want to earn money, that’s a different thing.

How to buy and sell CyBall tokens

There’s no viable method available to trade either of the aforementioned tokens. However, you can trade your NFTs (The CyBlocs) on the Marketplace. The built-in marketplace uses BUSD (Binance USD) and BNB to buy and sell the CyBlocs. So, the entire economy and earning potential depends on training and acquiring more CyBlocs to trade them in the marketplace.

Play in a guild

CyBall revolves around mentoring or hiring a coach to train your CyBlocs. That’s how you get a new class of CyBlocs, even legendary ones. These come with several stat boosts that increase your chance of winning a game. Therefore, it would be ideal to become a member of the guild. Balthazar Guild has an open invitation for people to join and become Wizard.

They can acquire special scholarships from Balthazars to compete in games like CyBall and get better grounds. If you’re a polished player with pre-existing NFT collection in games, you can benefit significantly by renting them out and receiving your cut of the earnings.


What is Cyball?

Cyball is a football NFT-game set in a futuristic world. Cyblocs are the natives of the world. You create a team of three Cyblocs to compete in matches and win the games to earn tokens and train your Cyblocs. Later, you can build strong teams or sell your Cyblocs in the marketplace.

What is the Cyball token?

Cyball token is an in-game currency used for training and providing mentorship to your cyblocs. In exchange, your Cyblocs can grow in class. Each Cybloc class comes with specific stats that increase as they level up to 100. However, if you sell a Cybloc, that one will revert to Level 1 but retain the class and skills.

What is the Cyball marketplace?

Cyball Marketplace is a built-in hub for you to buy Cyblocs. While it claims to sell other assets and graphical tweaks, there haven’t been any so far. It could be a work-in-progress. So Cyball Marketplace is for you to buy or sell Cyblocs.

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