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CyBall is an NFT football game offering a futuristic simulation that players can enjoy.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $107,533
Volume(24h) 11,905
24h % Change 0.85
Circulating Supply 0.00 CBT
Max Supply 70,000,000,000

Cyball NFT Game

CyBall is an NFT football game offering a futuristic simulation that players can enjoy. It also offers PVP and PVE options for players to engage in combat with teams of opponents who are on the same rank as them. The thrilling aspect of the game also includes trade and new CyBloc mentorship inside the CyBall community.

Scoring a goal is one of the main objectives of the game but it also features different skills and tournaments to enjoy with. Six skills that have statistical points are available to CyBlocs, and these are helpful while competing with other gamers. Every round in the game focuses on a different set of skills, so make sure to always use the skill set fit for that round. Throughout the game, various cards that flashed on the screen had special skills that could be used to level up. Also, a better score increases your chances of winning rounds. Users have the option of playing competitively or socially with other users in exhibition games, leagues, and tournaments. Users play against an NPC in a 3v3 Battle Stadium in the game’s Training mode to obtain exp. In order to actively collect experience points with a similar CBT amount, players could also keep their Cyblocs on the getting hired a trainer. Players can play up to 20 math games each day with a daily energy limit of 60, which resets every day.

Cyboc Battery Token (CBT), Batteries, and Cyball Token are the three currencies that drive Cyball’s economy (CBT). CBTs are obtained through PVP matches and are given to Cybloc owners that are interested in renting out their characters. Batteries, meanwhile, are an in-game currency acquired in PVP competitions. The CyBall cryptocurrency (CYB), which is used for governance purposes and is granted in leagues and tournaments and may also be staked and bred by users.

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