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CryptoMibs is a platform that offers gamers a variety of games and customization options.

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CryptoMibs NFT Game

CryptoMibs is a platform that offers gamers a variety of games and customization options. With regular tournaments and weekly ticket prizes, the platform is powered by Ethereum and offers several mini-games including Snakes and Marbles, Mibjets, SkyDrop, and MIB Trek.

In Snakes and Marbles, players can collect tickets as in-game currency and spend them on various in-game items, including purchasing assets from the rewards store, forging marbles, and placing bids on other marbles. Another game offered by CryptoMibs is Mibjets, where the player’s objective is to catch marbles that increase their score and inventory. The inventories of Regular and Fancy marbles are counted separately, and players must avoid hitting corresponding blocks that would cost them the corresponding marble inventory. The ultimate goal is to reach the end of the game without running out of marbles to win the game.

SkyDrop is also a popular game offered by CryptoMibs that tests the luck of the players. It is based on the classic game of “Plinko,” where players release a marble down a pegged scoreboard. The direction of the marble changes depending on the obstacles it hits. The aim of the game is to drop the marble in such a way that it lands in one of the pouches at the bottom, which contain various rewards such as tickets and other marbles. Another game, MIB Trek, allows players to craft different types of marbles for free and use boosters and HEX energy to unlock more levels and uncover the keys to secret coordinates that hold the coveted Genesis Marbles.

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