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Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved

Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved is a blockchain fighting strategy game.

Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved NFT Game

Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved is a blockchain fighting strategy game. Players are allowed to make their own fighters that can be used in participating in a match with non-player enemies or play against other fighters to earn rewards. By staking tokens and utilizing portal fragments, players can also gather components to be able to craft weapons, trade items, and activate portals.

To start, players must create their own fighters first. The fighters have three different races – Dwarfs, Elves, Humans with difficulty levels of Dwarves, Elves, and Humans respectively. As the players participate in fights, they gain XP for level ups that unlock more of their skills. Cryptofights: Battlegrounds Evolved offers two different gameplays, PvP and PVE. In PvE, players will start their journey in the dungeons where they will encounter monsters that will drop loot which they can use to improve their gears. Fighting monsters in this game mode is also the best for players to test their skills and come up with the best strategy in battling. On the other hand, PvP mode provides a more challenging gameplay in the arena compared to PvE and rewards players higher. Both the dungeons and arena require an entry fee using a CFS token.

The main objective of the game is to fight and win against monsters or other players. To fight, players need to choose an action before the time’s up. After that, the players must roll for attack aiming to score higher than his opponent. If the attack roll is sufficiently high, then the fighter of the player can attack using the damage roll.

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