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Crypto Blades

Initiate a combat against others in this play-to-earn nft game where as you get stronger, greater awards awaits you. Create NFT weapons to fight in arena or to trade them on the marketplace.

  • Polygon
Price $0.44
Market Cap $400,841
Fully Diluted Market Cap $438,686
Volume(24h) 61,296
24h % Change 0.24
Circulating Supply 913,730.16 SKILL
Max Supply 1,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000

What is Crypto Blades

Crypto Blades is a product of Riveted Games LLC, launched in 2014 when blockchain and NFTs were still a fresh concept. The game is believed to be the first NFT or blockchain game in the series. It works on the Binance blockchain and offers SKILL tokens to the players. Essentially, it is a play-to-earn game, like other NFT games. However, you might have to invest significantly at first to make the game playable for you.
Crypto Blades claims to be an RPG game where you create characters with different elemental affinities. There are four elements in total, and each one comes with certain perks and drawbacks compared to other elements. You can also forge weapons, the blades, to increase the character’s attributes. There are different elements for the weapons, as well.

How to play

While the game claims to be an RPG Adventure Game, it lacks any interface. It doesn’t rely on the player’s skill to win the battles, either. It is heavily dependent on simulation-based gameplay and RNG. There isn’t any available visual display of the fight for you.

You select the character, decide the amount of stamina you want to use (40 to 200) and then a list of opponents will be shown to you. You select the opponent, and the battle takes place off-screen with RNG factors.

  • While selecting an opponent, you will see XP you will gain and the SKILLs you will earn. It also shows the probability in Likely, Highly Likely, Very Likely, Unlikely and such scale for you to win the match.
  • It is still an RNG, and you can lose the combat, as well. However, you can tweak up the attributes and power of your characters.
  • The SKILLs you win can be used for other in-game purchases or for you to liquidate them.
  • Meanwhile, the experience is used to level up characters and increase their battle power.

Before you can begin battling, you will have to connect the MetaMask wallet to the game. It allows you to use various currencies to turn funds into BNB, then converts that to Skill. Initially, you need to invest in and create at least one character to play the game.

Crypto Blades tokens & NFTs

The entire game works on SKILL tokens. There isn’t any secondary token available for you. You can find the listing for the tokens as the Crypto Blades Token on popular sites like CoinMarketCap. SKILL’s value tends to fluctuate a lot, but it has been falling gradually recently.

  • You can use the SKILL token to forge characters or weapons. There is also a skill market for you to purchase more.
  • There is a dedicated marketplace where you will find all the characters and weapons. You can use SKILLs or BNB to buy these NFTs.

Almost every character and weapon is an NFT in the game for you. Therefore, you can trade them on the marketplace conveniently. You can have a maximum of four characters. Each character has 200 stamina and costs 40 stamina to fight a battle. However, you can spend more stamina on a fight to reduce Gas and other taxes.

How to buy and sell Crypto Blades tokens

Primarily, you will need MetaMask to buy and sell Crypto Blade Tokens (SKILL). It will keep things easier for you to exchange. Each combat also uses GAS, so a MetaMask wallet would be ideal. You can use your money or BNB to buy SKILLs.

Play in a guild

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Is Crypto Blades still worth playing?

Many players claim that Crypto Blades is gradually dropping in popularity. The game failed to keep up with the rapidly changing trends. There are better interactive games with skill-based or visually-appealing gameplay than Crypto Blades. It can also be seen that once SKILL landed on $50 to $100 value. Now it is down to $6.

How much do you need to start playing on Crypto Blades?

The cost of creating a character depends on SKILLs. As the value continually fluctuates, there isn’t any fixed value for creating characters. You might need around $50 to start playing Crypto Blades in general.

What is Crypto Blades burn characters feature?

The burn characters feature will allow you to reduce the gas cost and other taxes to nullify them. Instead, it will use the character’s value for you. It enables you to increase the prize pool without paying for GAS. It is a popular feature that has made zero gas cost possible in various games.

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