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Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is a farming simulation game where players can breed, hatch and evolve cute NFT unicorns.

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Fully Diluted Market Cap $43,879
Volume(24h) 1,099
24h % Change 0.98
Circulating Supply 0.00 UNIM
Total Supply 114,828,232

Crypto Unicorns NFT Game

Crypto Unicorns is a farming simulation game where players can breed, hatch and evolve cute NFT unicorns. These hardworking and cute Unicorns can help to increase the productivity output of Land NFTs and the crafting of materials to upgrade the buildings on the Land. Players can purchase individual Land and combine it with other players’ Lands to build a neighborhood. This mechanism increases the social real-time gameplay and fosters social activity among players. Aside from farming simulation, Crypto Unicorns include jousting, racing and team RPG battles. Each Unicorn has different abilities that can be leveraged in these gameplays. Some Unicorns are suited for farming but some are more effective in racing.

Players start their journey on their Land NFTs. These lands are customizable and can have a variety of productive buildings like Stables, Nursery, Workshop, Gathering Card and Farm Plots. Farm Plots are the garden part of the land where players can plant seeds to grow berries which are used in breeding Unicorns. The Gathering Cart is where Unicorns are sent to complete quests and collect the rewards on those quests. Players can assign Unicorns on Workshops to craft items from a list of recipes. Nursery is where Unicorns can be bred, hatched and evolved. Players can increase the number of Unicorns to work on Lands by upgrading the Stables.

There are 3 types of Lands in Crypto Unicorns: Common, Rare and Mythic lands. Common Land is the most basic type of land. Only one type of Unicorn can be matched on a specific type of land. In Rare Lands, a group of Unicorns can be matched. Example, A Wonder Land can be worked by Could, Heart and Rainbow Unicorns. Mythic Land is the highest rarity and can synergize with all Unicon Classes.

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