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Crypto Shots

Crypto Shots is a play to earn, browser-based game on the WAX network.

  • WAX
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $64,478
Volume(24h) 3,347
24h % Change -15.97
Circulating Supply 0.00 BOOM
Max Supply 990,410,000
Total Supply 990,410,000

Crypto Shots NFT Game

Crypto Shots is a play to earn, browser-based game on the WAX network. This Web 3 game is tagged as a 1st First-Person 3D Shooting game that revolves on collecting weapon parts, blending them into weapon NFTs and using them to take down enemies across different planets.

To play Crypto Shots, players must meet the minimum requirement to start playing in which it is to own a Base Gun. This weapon will be your default equipment in joining the first-person-shooter game. It allows gamers to participate right away with the featured Discord game in its dedicated Discord channel, and pre-mine our $BOOM token. Another benefit of the Base Gun is that you can automatically stake them for an additional 1% bonus per each gun and earn up to 30% more $BOOM tokens for each victory you accomplish in the Discord game. Additionally, the game has a special feature in which if a player has more powerful NFT weapons in their inventory, a player can pick those weapons and use them against other players. Players gain additional incentives based on their automatically staked NFTs whenever they earn $BOOM (i.e., you avoided being shot). Players can shoot with the Base Gun once every three hours in our Discord game. However, you can also equip yourself with a more powerful weapon if you want to shoot more frequently. Firing frequency is determined by the most potent NFT weapon a player owns and has the ability to farm more $BOOM depending on how many weapons a player possesses.

Crypto Shots aims to combine the fun of a shooting game with the innovation of blockchain technology as well as partnership with the Discord application to give a fresh concept of web3, gun warfare for shooting aficionados.

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