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Crypto Mask Genesis

Crypto Mask is a new NFT game that combines art, story, and a metaverse.

  • ETH

Crypto Mask Genesis NFT Game

Crypto Mask is a new NFT game that combines art, story, and a metaverse. It is the first OpenSea project to directly add a metaverse to the platform, so players can access it from their website or from the OpenSea listing. This is important because it shows how well the game’s developers know how to use technology.

There are a lot of fun things about the game, like a free secondary mint, NESS token airdrops, and a fully built metaverse. A 4K image, an animated comic, and an animated mask video are also part of the game. Crypto Mask has a big and helpful community, and each player can get more information about the game by joining their Discord. Each mask in the game is made by hand using designs made by AI. This makes each mask unique and hard to find. There are many different kinds of masks, each with its own features that show who is wearing it. The game has a metaverse, a player-versus-player mode (P2E), a fighting dojo, and leaderboards. The game also has built-in animations and a comic book with augmented reality that Genesis owners can get in hard copy. Also, the game can work with NFTs from outside of it. There is a free graveyard where dead NFTs can be turned into Crypto Mask citizens, and dead NFTs can be integrated into the game ecosystem. Crypto Mask Genesis is a game that lets each player learn about art, story, and the metaverse through the game’s many fun features and modes.

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