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Crypto Econia

Crypto Dynasty is a idle trading blockchain game, where you can idle and profit from trading on your free time.

Crypto Econia NFT Game

Crypto Econia is an NFT Play to earn Business simulator where you can build, craft goods, expand your land, trade, and compete with other players. Players must create their own business empires, complete production chains, and move goods between erratic supply and demand in a constantly shifting environment. The game uses Neutronium or $NEUT as a native token. NEUT is primarily used within the game and serves as the primary in-game currency to encourage and maintain player engagement. It can be earned in-game as a prize for competitions and then withdrew to a wallet in the market.

In this game, the vast map is shared by all players, but initially, only nearby players can communicate with each other. When the player first starts the game, his headquarters are on an empty piece of land. There is a finite number of quarters that each player can construct.
The number of quarters that can be built up increases as the headquarters is developed. Before your opponent allows you to increase the amount of land you own, you can occupy nearby neutral territory. Bonuses for the game can also be obtained by conquering nearby territories.
Each world in the game lasts for a month and is added every week. The most recent world is automatically assigned to new players. The player’s job is to carry out the open orders. The permanent upgrades include, among other things, the gathering of neutronium, the development of NFT squares known as stardom, and the acquisition of heroes who can lead the army behind them. Resources, which are needed to complete these orders, are produced by owned quarters. For owned territories, there are two different types of upgrades: permanent and transitory. Permanent upgrades are permanently saved. Every month when the player switches to a new world, the temporary enhancements are updated.

With this new business simulator game, players will sure love this as this will bring new excitement on how your business will go and what other things will your business provide you. With all the features of the game, you will definitely enjoy earning while running your virtual business.

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